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CMS.Membership Namespace
Public classAuthenticationEventArgs
Authentication event arguments
Public classAuthenticationHandler
Authentication handler
Public classAuthenticationHelper
Contains method connected with user authentication
Public classAuthenticationRequestEventArgs
Authentication request event arguments
Public classAuthenticationRequestHandler
Authentication request handler.
Public classAuthorizationEventArgs
Authorization event arguments
Public classAuthorizationHandler
Authorization handler
Public classAvatarImport
Handles special actions during the Avatar import process.
Public classAvatarInfo
AvatarInfo data container class.
Public classAvatarInfoProvider
Class providing AvatarInfo management.
Public classBadgeInfo
BadgeInfo data container class.
Public classBadgeInfoProvider
Class providing BadgeInfo management.
Public classCMSOutputAvatar
Summary description for CMSOutputAvatar.
Public classCurrentUserInfo
Class to hold current user information. Extends UserInfo with context specific information, and debug functionality for security debug of current request.
Public classDateTimeNow
Class providing actual date-time arrangement.
Public classDeleteNonActivatedUser
Class contains definition of delete non activated users task.
Public classFloodProtectionHelper
Flood protection class.
Public classMembershipContext
Membership related context methods and variables.
Public classMembershipInfo
Membership data container class.
Public classMembershipInfoProvider
Class providing Membership management.
Public classMembershipMethods
Membership methods - wrapping methods for macro resolver.
Public classMembershipModule
Represents the Membership module.
Public classMembershipModuleMetadata
Represents the Membership module metadata.
Public classMembershipReminder
Provides an ITask interface to send notifications to users about their expiring memberships.
Public classMembershipResolvers
Resolvers used in e-mail templates and other macro visual components.
Public classMembershipRoleInfo
MembershipRoleInfo data container class.
Public classMembershipRoleInfoProvider
Class providing MembershipRoleInfo management.
Public classMembershipTaskType
Web farm tasks for membership operations
Public classMembershipUserInfo
MembershipUserInfo data container class.
Public classMembershipUserInfoProvider
Class providing MembershipUserInfo management.
Public classMFAuthenticationHelper
Helper for multi-factor authentication
Public classOnlineUserHelper
Serves for updating on-line users.
Public classOnlineUserInfo
On-line users info data container class.
Public classOpenIDUserInfo
OpenIDUser data container class.
Public classOpenIDUserInfoProvider
Class providing UserOpenIDInfo management.
Public classRemoveExpiredSessions
Provides an ITask interface to update database.
Public classRoleInfo
Role info data container.
Public classRoleInfoProvider
Provides access to information about roles.
Public classRoleName
Constants for system role names
Public classSalt
Class providing security salt.
Public classSecurityEvents
Security events
Public classSessionEventArgs
Session event arguments
Public classSessionEvents
Global CMS session events
Public classSessionHandler
Simple thread handler
Public classSessionInfo
SessionInfo data container class.
Public classSessionManager
Class provides session management.
Public classSessionsInfo
Class contains hashtables for session management. This class serves internally for the sessions management and related on-line users feature.
Public classSessionTaskType
Web farm tasks for session operations
Public classSignOutEventArgs
SignOut event arguments
Public classSignOutHandler
SignOut handler
Public classTokenValidator
Class providing passcode validation.
Public classUpdateDatabaseSession
Provides an ITask interface to remove expired sessions form hashtables and database.
Public classUserAccountLockCode
Page mode code.
Public classUserCultureInfo
UserCultureInfo data container class.
Public classUserCultureInfoProvider
Class providing UserCultureInfo managment.
Public classUserInfo
UserInfo data container class.
Public classUserInfoProvider
Class providing UserInfo management.
Public classUserRoleInfo
UserRoleInfo data container class.
Public classUserRoleInfoProvider
Class providing UserRoleInfo management.
Public classUserSearchIndexer
Search indexer for users index
Public classUserSecurityHelper
Helper class to check the user security
Public classUserSettingsInfo
UserSettingsInfo data container class.
Public classUserSettingsInfoProvider
Class providing UserSettingsInfo management.
Public classUserSiteInfo
UserSiteInfo data container class.
Public classUserSiteInfoProvider
Class providing UserSiteInfo management.
Public interfaceICustomSignOutScriptProvider
Interface for objects providing third party logout scripts
Public interfaceIDateTimeNow
Interface providing actual date-time arrangement.
Public interfaceISalt
Interface providing security salt.
Public enumerationActivityPointsEnum
Activity points enumeration.
Public enumerationAuthenticationResultEnum
Authentication result enumeration.
Public enumerationAvatarTypeEnum
Defines type of the avatar object.
Public enumerationDefaultAvatarTypeEnum
Defines default avatar types.
Public enumerationFriendshipStatusEnum
Friendship status enumeration.
Public enumerationKeySizeEnum
Key size in bytes
Public enumerationOnlineUserHelperSessionType
Type of session.
Public enumerationResetPasswordResultEnum
Reset password enumeration.
Public enumerationUserAccountLockEnum
Enum describing reason for locking user account
Public enumerationUserGenderEnum
User gender enumeration.
Public enumerationUserPrivilegeLevelEnum
User privilege level enum