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MembershipContext Properties

The MembershipContext type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberAllowOnlyRead
Returns true if the current context allows only reading of the data
Public propertyStatic memberAuthenticatedUser
Current user
Public propertyColumnNames
Available column names.
(Inherited from AbstractDataContainerParentObjectType.)
Public propertyStatic memberCurrentSession
Current session info.
Public propertyStatic memberCurrentUserProfile
Current user info object according the URL parameter of the current request. It is available when the request contains parameters "userid", "username" or "userguid" with valid value of the user.
Public propertyIsDefault
Returns true if the context is the default request context
(Inherited from ContextContainerTParent.)
Public propertyItem
Gets the value of particular property
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Public propertyKey
Unique container key
(Inherited from ContextContainerTParent.)
Public propertyStatic memberMFAuthenticationTokenNotInitialized
Indicates if multi-factor token ID was initialized.
Public propertyProperties
Properties available through the context.
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Protected propertyPropertyList
Used property list
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Protected propertyRegisteredColumns
Registered Columns
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Protected propertyRegisteredColumnsObject
Registered Columns object
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Protected propertyRegisteredProperties
Registered properties
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Protected propertyRegisteredPropertiesObject
Registered properties object
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Public propertyStatic memberSignOutPending
If true, SignOut method was called in this method and user is figuratively signed out.
Protected propertyUseLocalColumns
If true, the object uses local columns
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Protected propertyUseLocalProperties
If true, the object uses local properties
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Public propertyStatic memberUserAccountLockedDueToInvalidLogonAttempts
Indicates if user reached maximal allowed number of invalid logon attempts.
Public propertyStatic memberUserAccountLockedDueToPasswordExpiration
Indicates if user account was locked because its password expired.
Public propertyStatic memberUserAuthenticationFailedDueToInvalidPasscode
Indicates if login failed due to invalid passcode.
Public propertyStatic memberUserIsBanned
Indicates whether the user is banned using BannedIP modules.
Public propertyStatic memberUserIsPartiallyAuthenticated
Indicates if user is partially authenticated. Previously inserted username and password were correct.
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