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QueryDataParameters Properties

The QueryDataParameters type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCount
Number of the registered parameters
Protected propertyExistingLocalParameters
Table of existing parameters [name -> DataParameter]
Protected propertyExtraLocalMacros
Extra query macros
Public propertyFillDataSet
DataSet to be filled by the query. If not given, new DataSet is created
Public propertyItemInt32
Returns the parameter on specified index.
Public propertyItemString
Returns the parameter of the specified name.
Protected propertyLocalParameters
List of parameters defined locally in this instance
Public propertyMacroCount
Number of macros in the data parameters
Protected propertyParentParameters
Parent query parameters
Public propertyQueryAfter
Text included after the query
Public propertyQueryBefore
Text included before the query
Public propertySource
Source of the data
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