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CMS.DataEngine Namespace
Public classAbstractCMSQueryProviderParentType
Abstract LINQ query provider for CMS objects
Public classAbstractDataConnection
Represents SQL Server data connection.
Public classAbstractDataProvider
Data provider class.
Public classAbstractInfoTInfo
Abstract object info class.
Public classAbstractInfoTInfoGeneralizedInfoWrapper
Info object wrapper for generalized access
Public classAbstractInfoProviderTProvider
Abstract info class provider.
Public classAbstractInfoProviderTInfo, TProvider
Abstract info class provider.
Public classAbstractMapping Obsolete.
Class representing general mapping object
Public classAbstractObjectCollection
Base class for the object collection.
Public classAbstractProvider
Abstract provider.
Public classAbstractProviderProviderType
Abstract provider.
Public classAbstractProviderDictionary
Abstract provider dictionary.
Public classAbstractQueryObject
Base for any object participating in the Data query evaluation
Public classAbstractSqlGenerator
SQL generator base
Public classAbstractTableManager
Ensures management of database table and table column.
Public classAdvancedConnectionSettings
Cache settings container.
Public classAggregatedColumn
Aggregated query column e.g. "AVG(XYZ) AS Average"
Public classBaseAbstractInfoProvider
Base class for the info providers.
Public classBaseCollectionSettings
Settings for the base object collection
Public classBaseInfo
Base info class (only carrying the type information).
Public classBaseInfoGeneralizedInfoWrapper
Info object wrapper for generalized access
Public classBindingCollection
Info collection of object bindings
Public classBindingRepository
Specialized repository for binding object types
Public classBulkInsertSettings
Public classClassCodeGenerationSettings
Represents the code generation configuration for the data class.
Public classClassSiteInfo
ClassSiteInfo data container class.
Public classClassSiteInfoProvider
Class providing ClassSiteInfo management.
Public classClassStructureInfo
Class information.
Public classCloneResult
Class encapsulating cloning result messages.
Public classCloneSettings
Class encapsulating parameters for object cloning (used in InsertAsClone settings)
Public classCMSApplication
Base class for CMS Application
Public classCMSConnectionContext
Ensures that the wrapped API calls are executed against specific database(s).
Public classCMSConnectionScope
Connection scope. Ensures that all queries within given context use the same database connection.
Public classCMSHttpApplication
Envelope class with request mappings for HttpApplication class
Public classCMSLateBoundTransaction
Class that manages the transaction scope, but doesn't start it until
Public classCMSOutputMetaFile
Summary description for CMSOutputFile.
Public classCMSTransactionScope
Transaction scope. Ensures that all queries run within single transaction.
Public classCodeNameNotUniqueException
Exception to report not unique code name.
Public classCodeNameNotValidException
Exception to report not valid code name.
Public classCollectionPropertyTransformationResultType
Property transformation for a collection. Enumerates the properties of the collection objects and does transformation according to that property.
Public classCollectionPropertyWrapper
Base class for the collection property wrapper
Public classCollectionPropertyWrapperObjectType
Wrapper that transforms the collection to values of its object properties
Public classColumnsTranslationEventArgs
Columns translation event arguments
Public classColumnsTranslationEvents
Columns translation events handlers.
Public classColumnsTranslationHandler
Columns translation event handler.
Public classCombinedInfoObjectCollection
Collection that combines several info object collections of specific type.
Public classCombinedObjectCollectionCollectionType, ObjectType
Collection that combines several object collections of specific type.
Public classCompareSettings
Class encapsulating parameters for comparing objects.
Public classConnectionContext
Connection context.
Public classConnectionHelper
Connection helper class.
Public classCountColumn
Count column
Public classCustomProviderAttribute
Registers the custom provider within the system, replaces the default provider from which the defined one inherits.
Public classDatabaseFieldAttribute
Specifies to which database column the property maps
Public classDatabaseHelper
Provides database operations
Public classDatabaseMappingAttribute
Specifies to which database column the property maps
Public classDatabasePermission
Database permissions
Public classDatabaseSeparationHelper
Sets of methods used for database separation
Public classDataCacheHelper Obsolete.
Cache support for data and data objects.
Public classDataClassFactory
DataClass factory.
Public classDataClassInfo
Describes Data Class configuration.
Public classDataClassInfoBaseTInfo
ClassInfo data container class.
Public classDataClassInfoProvider
Provides access to data class information.
Public classDataClassInfoProviderBaseTProvider
Class providing DataClassInfo management.
Public classDataClassNotFoundException
This exception is thrown when data class is not found.
Public classDataConnectionFactory
Provides DataConnection object for specified data provider according to configuration settings.
Public classDataDefinition
Data definition base class
Public classDataEngineCodeTemplateGenerator
Data engine code template generator.
Public classDataEngineModule
Represents the Data Engine module.
Public classDataEngineModuleMetadata
Represents the Data Engine module metadata.
Public classDataExtensions
Extensions for the SettingsProvider classes
Public classDataParameter
Container for a single query parameter.
Public classDataQuery
Queries particular database data or defines parameters for data selection
Public classDataQueryBaseTQuery
Queries particular database data or defines parameters for data selection
Public classDataQuerySettings
Defines parameters for the data query. Use DataQuery method UseParameters to apply this parameters to a query.
Public classDataQuerySettingsBaseTQuery
Defines parameters for the data selection
Public classDataQuerySource
Base class for Data query source
Public classDataQuerySourceParameters
Parameters for the data query source
Public classDataSetPostProcessingEventArgs
Custom event arguments used for default data post processing.
Public classDataTaskType
Web farm task types for DataEngine module
Public classDataType
Data type definition
Public classDataTypeT
Data type definition
Public classDataTypeManager
Provides management of SQL data types
Public classDefaultClassThumbnail
Is able to select default metafile of the class. Default metafile is the one with name starting with "default.".
Public classDefaultDataSettings
Settings for export of the default database data
Public classDeletedFKs
Class to define FKs which were removed during DB separation. Is used in DB join.
Public classDynamicObjectTypeInfo
Dynamic object type info structure for objects which definition can be changed during the lifetime.
Public classEnumerableWrapperTObject
Wrapper to make the given object purely enumerable
Public classExecuteQueryEventArgsTResult
Execute query event arguments
Public classExecuteQueryHandlerTResult
Execute query handler
Public classExportObjectSettings
Class encapsulating parameters for GeneralizedInfo serialization (export).
Public classExpressionBuilderSettings
Object to encapsulate the expression builder settings
Public classExternalColumnSettingsInfoType
Object to encapsulate the settings of an externally stored column within a InfoObject.
Public classExtraColumn
Class representing an extra column with which an object can extend other object as a foreign key.
Public classFieldBaseFieldType
Form field base class
Public classFieldDataType
Field data types - string constants.
Public classFieldInfo
Basic field definition
Public classFilteredInfoObjectCollection
Provides filtering over the collection.
Public classFullNameInfoObjectCollection
Collection of GeneralizedInfos indexed by full name of the object
Public classGeneralConnection
Represents a general database connection.
Public classGeneralInfo
General info class to work with any object type
Public classGeneralInfoProvider
General info provider
Public classGeneralizedAbstractInfo
Base info object interface for abstract info
Public classGeneralizedAbstractInfoTInfo
Info object interface for abstract info
Public classGeneralizedInfo
Info object interface.
Public classGetObjectsDataSettings
Configuration class for GetObjectsData(GetObjectsDataSettings).
Public classHashtableSettings
Settings for provider hashtables
Public classHierarchyHelper
Object hierarchy manipulation methods.
Public classCheckDependenciesException
Exception to report attempt to delete an object which has required dependencies.
Public classIDNotTranslatedException
Thrown when identifier was required and was not translated
Public classIDQuery
Predefined query returning IDs of the given object type, can be used as a nested query in IN and NOT IN statements
Public classIDQueryObjectType
Predefined query returning IDs of the given object type, can be used as a nested query in IN and NOT IN statements
Public classImportExportSettings
Class representing export/import settings in the type information of objects.
Public classInfoCollectionSettings
Settings for the info object collection
Public classInfoDataSetTInfo
CMS DataSet class. Enhancement to DataSet to provide strongly typed collection side-by-side with the data.
Public classInfoHelper
General info methods and properties
Public classInfoIdentifier
Represents the general info object identifier that uses object type to translate info object ID to code name and vice versa.
Public classInfoObjectCollection
Collection of GeneralizedInfos.
Public classInfoObjectCollectionEmptyCollectionInfoType
Empty info object collection
Public classInfoObjectCollectionTInfo
Generic strongly typed info object collection
Public classInfoObjectException
Base class for the exceptions on the info objects.
Public classInfoObjectFactory
Object factory producing info objects based on the object type
Public classInfoObjectRepository
Repository for info objects.
Public classLayoutHelper
Helper for layout objects
Public classLicenseException
Represents license exception
Public classLinqSqlMethods
Methods available in LINQ statements that have proper SQL representation
Public classLogObjectChangeEventArgs
Object event arguments for log object change event
Public classLogObjectChangeHandler
Log object change handler
Public classLogObjectChangeSettings
Class for log object change.
Public classMemoryDataQuerySource
Data query source as DataSet
Public classMetaFileInfo
MetaFileInfo data container class.
Public classMetaFileInfoProvider
Class providing MetaFileInfo management.
Public classMetaFileURLProvider
Provider for metafiles URLs.
Public classMissingSQLTypeException
Exception raised when unsupported SQL type is encountered.
Public classModule
Represents the standard module.
Public classModuleCommands
Module commands.
Public classModuleManager
Manages the list of modules within application
Public classMultiObjectQuery
Multiple objects query
Public classMultiObjectQueryBaseTQuery, TInnerQuery, TObject
Base class for multiple objects query
Public classMultiQueryBaseTQuery, TInnerQuery
Base class for the query consisting of multiple queries
Public classNestedSelectQueryColumn
Query column defined by the nested query e.g. "(SELECT UserID FROM CMS_User WHERE ...) AS RelatedUserID"
Public classNotImplementedInfo
Info object with no methods implemented. Serves as a base info for partially implemented info objects.
Public classObjectAttachmentsCategories
Class containing names of the object attachment (metafiles) categories names used by CMS.
Public classObjectCollectionTObject
Object list.
Public classObjectDataEventArgs
Object data event arguments
Public classObjectDataEventHandler
Object data handler enables manipulation with object data.
Public classObjectDataSetTObject
Base object DataSet class. Enhancement to DataSet to provide strongly typed collection side-by-side with the data.
Public classObjectDependency
Class with various types of object type lists (used for example in Import/Export, ODATA Service).
Public classObjectEventArgs
Object event arguments
Public classObjectEventArgsTObject
Object event arguments
Public classObjectEvents
Object events
Public classObjectHandler
Object handler
Public classObjectHelper
Object manipulation methods.
Public classObjectChangeOrderEventArgs
Object event arguments
Public classObjectChangeOrderEventArgsTObject
Object event arguments
Public classObjectChangeOrderHandler
Object handler
Public classObjectProperty
Object property wrapper
Public classObjectQuery
Predefined query returning given object type. Uses the .selectall query internally.
Public classObjectQueryTObject
Queries particular database data or defines parameters for data selection
Public classObjectQueryBaseTQuery, TObject
Predefined query returning given object type. Uses the .selectall query internally.
Public classObjectQuerySettings
Object query parameters
Public classObjectRelationshipsCollection
Collection of object relationships filtered by relationship name.
Public classObjectRepositoryTCollection, TObject, TSettings
Repository for info objects.
Public classObjectSecurityEventArgs
Object event arguments
Public classObjectSecurityEventArgsTObject
Object event arguments
Public classObjectSecurityHandler
Object handler
Public classObjectSettingsInfo
ObjectSettingsInfo data container class.
Public classObjectSettingsInfoProvider
Class providing ObjectSettingsInfo management.
Public classObjectSortEventArgs
Object event arguments
Public classObjectSortEventArgsTObject
Object event arguments
Public classObjectSortHandler
Object handler
Public classObjectSourceTObject
Data query source which gets the data for specific object type
Public classObjectSourceBaseTSource
Query source
Public classObjectTreeLocation
Defines a location for an object type within the object tree in the export/import or staging interface.
Public classObjectTypeInfo
Object type info structure.
Public classObjectTypeManager
Class with various types of object type lists (used for example in Import/Export, ODATA Service).
Public classObjectTypeTreeNode
Class for parsing XML tree with staging objects.
Public classOrderByColumn
Order by column
Public classOtherBindingCollection
Info collection of object other bindings
Public classOtherBindingRepository
Specialized repository for binding object types
Public classPermissionCheckException
Base class for the exceptions raised in permissions check.
Public classPredefinedObjectType
Predefined object type constants.
Public classProviderDictionaryTKey, TValue
Provider dictionary.
Public classProviderDictionaryCollection
Collection of the provider dictionaries.
Public classProviderGuidDictionary
Provider GUID indexed dictionary.
Public classProviderHelper
Helper methods for info providers
Public classProviderInfoDictionaryKeyType
Base info dictionary for info providers
Public classProviderIntDictionary
Provider integer indexed dictionary.
Public classProviderStringDictionary
Provider string indexed dictionary. Represent the case-insensitive object storage optimized for reading.
Public classProviderStringValueDictionary
Provider string indexed dictionary. Represent the case-insensitive object storage optimized for reading.
Public classProviderStringValueDictionaryT
Provider string indexed dictionary. Represent the case-insensitive object storage optimized for reading.
Public classQueryColumn
Simple query column e.g. "DocumentName" / "DocumentName AS Name"
Public classQueryColumnBaseTColumn
Query column
Public classQueryColumnList
Represents a list of query columns
Public classQueryDataParameters
Container that holds a list of query parameters.
Public classQueryExpression
Represents a general query expression
Public classQueryExpressionBaseTExpression
Query expression base class
Public classQueryInfo
Represents a query and its parameters.
Public classQueryInfoBaseTInfo
QueryInfo data container class.
Public classQueryInfoProvider
Enables access to queries.
Public classQueryInfoProviderBaseTProvider
Class providing QueryInfo management.
Public classQueryListInfo
Info class providing the list of queries for the query selector
Public classQueryMacros
Query expressions
Public classQueryName
System query names
Public classQueryParameters
Query parameters container.
Public classQueryParametersBaseTParent
Generic variant of the abstract query object, provides fluent syntax
Public classQuerySource
Data query source which gets the data from specific SQL expression. That can be table name, view name, or more complex SQL expression.
Public classQuerySourceBaseTSource
Defines base class for the query source
Public classQueryValueExpression
Query value expression
Public classRowNumberColumn
Row number query column e.g. "ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY DefaultCulture) AS CMS_RN"
Public classSearchFieldsConstants
Search field constants
Public classSearchIndexSettings
SearchIndexSettings handles management of index settings container.
Public classSearchIndexSettingsInfo
Search Index Settings Info object.
Public classSearchSettings
SearchSettings class provides methods for manipulation with SearchSettingsInfo objects.
Public classSearchSettingsInfo
Search settings class.
Public classSelectCondition
Provides the selection where condition for ABC IN (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...) for very large number of items.
Public classSelectConditionList
List of select conditions.
Public classSelectQueryColumnBaseTColumn
Query column
Public classSeparatedTables
Class providing list of separated tables including SQL and XML definitions
Public classSettingsCategoryContainer
Object encapsulating all settings objects to be accessible via macro engine.
Public classSettingsCategoryInfo
Represents a Settings key.
Public classSettingsCategoryInfoProvider
Class providing Settings category management.
Public classSettingsKeyChangedEventArgs
Class containing data for event raised when the settings key is successfuly changed.
Public classSettingsKeyInfo
Represents a Settings key.
Public classSettingsKeyInfoProvider
Provides access to settings keys.
Public classSettingsKeyName
Represents the settings key name.
Public classSettingsService
Settings service
Public classSimpleDataClass
Simple DataClass object.
Public classSimpleObjectHandler
Simple object handler
Public classSiteInfoIdentifier
Represents the site info object identifier.
Public classSpecialFunctions
Provides special functions for other classes.
Public classSqlDebug
SQL debug methods
Public classSqlEvents
SQL events
Public classSqlGenerator
Generates SQL queries for given table.
Public classSqlHelper
Class to provide common SQL methods.
Public classSqlInstallationHelper
Sets of methods for creating database during installation process.
Public classSqlOperator
Defines SQL operators
Public classSqlRepresentationAttribute
Defines the SQL representation of the given method call
Public classSQLScript
SQL script to be applied during upgrade or hotfix.
Public classSqlSecurityHelper
Security methods for SQL queries
Public classSqlServerCapabilitiesFactory
Class that returns SQL server capabilities based on the connection string and server edition.
Public classSQLSettings
Provides SQL settings for hotfixing databases.
Public classSystemColumns
System column names
Public classSystemViewNames
System view name constants.
Public classTableManager
Ensures management of database table and table column.
Public classTempFileInfo
TempFileInfo data container class.
Public classTempFileInfoProvider
Class providing TempFileInfo management.
Public classTranslationHelper
Class to provide objects translation interface ID - CodeName.
Public classTraverseObjectSettings
Class encapsulating parameters for GeneralizedInfo serialization (export).
Public classTypeCondition
Class determining condition which can distinguish between several object types within one Info class.
Public classTypeInfoEvents
Object events for particular type info
Public classWhereBuilder
Where condition builder
Public classWhereCondition
Where condition builder
Public classWhereConditionBaseTParent
Where condition builder - Generic base class
Public structureColumnDefinition
Data column definiton
Public interfaceICMSQueryable
Interface for queryable CMS objects
Public interfaceICMSQueryableTObject
Interface for queryable CMS objects
Public interfaceIDataClass
DataClass interface.
Public interfaceIDataConnection
Data connection interface that must be implemented by data providers.
Public interfaceIDataProvider
Data provider interface.
Public interfaceIDataQuery
Data query interface
Public interfaceIDataQueryTQuery
Interface for the data query for a specific query type
Public interfaceIDataQuerySettings
Data query parameters interface
Public interfaceIDataQuerySettingsTQuery
Data query parameters interface for a specific query
Public interfaceIFakeMethods
Interface for attaching methods for faking data within automated tests
Public interfaceIField
Interface for form items.
Public interfaceIInfo
Interface for the info objects
Public interfaceIInfoDataSet
InfoDataSet interface
Public interfaceIInfoFakeTInfo
Interface for automated tests fake of the info
Public interfaceIInfoProviderFakeTInfo, TProvider
Interface for automated tests fake of the info provider
Public interfaceILicenseService
Interface for check license
Public interfaceIMultiObjectQuery
Multi object query interface
Public interfaceIMultiObjectQueryTQuery, TInnerQuery, TObject
Multi object query interface for a specific query
Public interfaceIMultiQuery
Multi query interface
Public interfaceIMultiQueryTQuery, TInnerQuery
Multi query interface for a specific query
Public interfaceIObjectQuery
Interface for the object query
Public interfaceIObjectQueryTQuery, TObject
Interface for the object query for a specific query type
Public interfaceIObjectTypeDriven
Interface for object type driven controls
Public interfaceIProviderDictionary
Provider dictionary interface.
Public interfaceIProviderDictionaryTemplateValueType
Provider dictionary interface template.
Public interfaceIQueryColumn
General interface for the query columns
Public interfaceIQueryExpression
General interface for the query expression
Public interfaceIQueryObject
Base interface for all query objects
Public interfaceIQueryObjectWithValue
Base interface for all query objects with value
Public interfaceIQueryParameters
Query parameters interface
Public interfaceIQuerySource
Query source interface
Public interfaceISearchable
Interface for search.
Public interfaceISearchDocument
Interface for the search document
Public interfaceISearchField
Represents search field
Public interfaceISearchFields
Search fields collection and field constatns
Public interfaceISearchIndexInfo
Index info interface.
Public interfaceISqlGenerator
Sql generator interface.
Public interfaceISqlServerCapabilities
Sql server capabilities contract.
Public interfaceIStringMetadata
Defines extra metadata for string methods
Public interfaceITableManager
Ensures management of database table and table column.
Public interfaceITransactionScope
Transaction scope interface
Public interfaceIWhereCondition
Interface for classes which provide where condition
Public interfaceIWhereConditionTParent
Interface for classes which provide where condition for a specific query type
Public delegateAbstractProviderOnLoadProvider
Load provider delegate.
Public delegateCloneSettingsOnCloneInsert
Handles actions before/after inserting the clone. Use to further modify given object according to settings.
Public delegateDataCacheHelperGetCacheDependencyEventHandlerObjectType
Handler to get the cache dependency for particular object.
Public delegateDataCacheHelperGetEventHandlerReturnType
Generic event handler for the data retrieval.
Public delegateDataCacheHelperGetEventHandler1ReturnType, P1Type
Generic event handler for the data retrieval.
Public delegateDataCacheHelperGetEventHandler10ReturnType, P1Type, P2Type, P3Type, P4Type, P5Type, P6Type, P7Type, P8Type, P9Type, P10Type
Generic event handler for the data retrieval.
Public delegateDataCacheHelperGetEventHandler2ReturnType, P1Type, P2Type
Generic event handler for the data retrieval.
Public delegateDataCacheHelperGetEventHandler3ReturnType, P1Type, P2Type, P3Type
Generic event handler for the data retrieval.
Public delegateDataCacheHelperGetEventHandler4ReturnType, P1Type, P2Type, P3Type, P4Type
Generic event handler for the data retrieval.
Public delegateDataCacheHelperGetEventHandler5ReturnType, P1Type, P2Type, P3Type, P4Type, P5Type
Generic event handler for the data retrieval.
Public delegateDataCacheHelperGetEventHandler6ReturnType, P1Type, P2Type, P3Type, P4Type, P5Type, P6Type
Generic event handler for the data retrieval.
Public delegateDataCacheHelperGetEventHandler7ReturnType, P1Type, P2Type, P3Type, P4Type, P5Type, P6Type, P7Type
Generic event handler for the data retrieval.
Public delegateDataCacheHelperGetEventHandler8ReturnType, P1Type, P2Type, P3Type, P4Type, P5Type, P6Type, P7Type, P8Type
Generic event handler for the data retrieval.
Public delegateDataCacheHelperGetEventHandler9ReturnType, P1Type, P2Type, P3Type, P4Type, P5Type, P6Type, P7Type, P8Type, P9Type
Generic event handler for the data retrieval.
Public delegateDataConnectionFactoryGetConnectionEventHandler
Gets connection method delegate.
Public delegateInfoObjectRepositoryOnNewCollectionHandler
New collection delegate
Public delegateLoadDataEventHandler
Event which should load the data to the object when fired.
Public delegateObjectRepositoryTCollection, TObject, TSettingsLoadCollectionHandler
Delegate to define the handle to load the collection of this type.
Public delegateObjectTypeInfoObjectLoadRelatedDataEventHandler
Object load related data event handler.
Public delegateObjectTypeInfoOnGetContentEventHandler
Fires when search content is requested. You can modify content value which is saved to the search index.
Public delegateObjectTypeInfoOnLogObjectChangeEventHandler
Logs the object change.
Public delegateObjectTypeTreeNodeOnBeforeCreateNodeHandler
Delegate for handling the OnBeforeCreate action of the tree node.
Public delegateProviderDictionaryCollectionLoadGenerationEventHandler
Returns the list of objects of the given generation.
Public delegateProviderDictionaryCollectionLoadGenerationParamsEventHandler
Returns the list of objects of the given generation.
Public delegateSqlInstallationHelperLogMessage
Delegate of event fired when message logging is required.
Public delegateSqlInstallationHelperLogProgress
Delegate of event fired when message logging is required.
Public delegateTraverseObjectSettingsOnItem
Handles start of the item within the collectin
Public delegateTraverseObjectSettingsOnProcessArraySeparator
Handles array separator of the collection export.
Public delegateTraverseObjectSettingsOnProcessEndCollection
Handles end of the collection export.
Public delegateTraverseObjectSettingsOnProcessID
Handles FK ID (can be used to fill translation helper for example).
Public delegateTraverseObjectSettingsOnProcessObject
Handles export to required format.
Public delegateTraverseObjectSettingsOnProcessStartCollection
Handles start of the collection export.
Public enumerationAggregationType
Constants for aggregation types
Public enumerationAuthorizationResultEnum
Enumeration of the user authorization result.
Protected enumerationBaseInfoPermissionObjectType
Type of the object for permission check.
Public enumerationExportFormatEnum
Export format enumeration.
Public enumerationFeatureEnum
Feature types.
Public enumerationIncludeToParentEnum
Determines whether objects of child types are included into the export/staging data of parent objects.
Public enumerationJoinTypeEnum
Join type enumeration
Public enumerationLayoutTypeEnum
Layout type enumeration.
Public enumerationLoadHashtableEnum
Enumeration of the hashtable loading options.
Public enumerationMessageTypeEnum
Message type returned to log panel.
Public enumerationObjectActionEnum
Version action enums.
Public enumerationObjectDependencyEnum
Enumeration for setting the Required parameter of ObjectDependency.
Public enumerationObjectPriorityEnum
Enumeration of priorities of objects.
Public enumerationObjectRangeEnum
Enum representing object range (in the scale of site vs. global object).
Public enumerationObjectStatusEnum
Enumeration of the object status.
Public enumerationOperationTypeEnum
Operation type enumeration.
Public enumerationOrderDirection
Constants for DataQuery operators
Public enumerationPermissionsEnum
Permissions enumeration.
Public enumerationQueryExecutionTypeEnum
Execution type of the query.
Public enumerationQueryOperator
Constants for DataQuery operators
Public enumerationQueryTypeEnum
Query type enumeration.
Public enumerationQueryUnaryOperator
Constants for DataQuery unary operators
Public enumerationSearchAnalyzerTypeEnum
Search analyzer type enum.
Public enumerationSettingsKeyActionEnum
Enumerates the possible actions when changing the settings key.
Public enumerationSQLEngineEditionEnum
Enumeration for database engine edition of the instance of SQL Server installed on the server., EngineEdition property.
Public enumerationSqlOperationTypeEnum
Enumeration of the SQL operations.
Public enumerationSQLServerAuthenticationModeEnum
Enumeration of the SQL authentication mode.
Public enumerationSynchronizationTypeEnum
Determines how the system logs staging synchronization tasks for object types.
Public enumerationTaskTypeEnum
Synchronization task types.
Public enumerationTypeEnum
Enumeration of the types
Public enumerationUpdateResultEnum
Result of the update operation.
Public enumerationWorkflowStepTypeEnum
Workflow step types enumeration.