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ProviderDictionaryCollection Properties

The ProviderDictionaryCollection type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllGenerationsLoaded
Returns true if all generations were loaded
Public propertyByCodeName
CodeName dictionary.
Public propertyByFullName
FullName dictionary.
Public propertyByGuid
Guid dictionary.
Public propertyByGuidAndSite
Guid and site dictionary.
Public propertyById
ID dictionary.
Public propertyStatic memberCollections
Hashtable of all dictionary collections.
Public propertyLoadCollectionsAfterClear
Indicates if collection should be filled with new data after clearing the collection
Public propertyLoadedGeneration
Returns the number of the loaded generation of the objects.
Public propertyName
Dictionary name.
Public propertyParameter
Custom parameter passed to a LoadGeneration method.
Public propertyStringValues
String values dictionary.
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