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IDataQuerySettings Properties

The IDataQuerySettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDefaultSourceExpression
Default source of the query in case source is not defined
Public propertyFilterColumns
List of columns used for extra filtering within the query, e.g. "CMS_C, CMS_RN"
Public propertyGroupByColumns
List of columns to group by, by default doesn't group, e.g. "NodeLevel, NodeOwner"
Public propertyHavingCondition
Where condition for the group by on the data, e.g. "DocumentName = 'ABC'"
Public propertyIsNested
Indicates that this query is part of multi query
Public propertyIsSubQuery
If true, the query is a sub-query used in another query
Public propertyMaxRecords
Maximum number of results to return (use for paging together with Offset)
Public propertyName
Object name, empty by default
(Inherited from IQueryObject.)
Public propertyOffset
Index of the first record to return (use for paging together with MaxRecords)
Public propertyOrderByColumns
List of columns by which the result should be sorted, e.g. "NodeLevel, DocumentName DESC"
Public propertyParameters
Query data parameters
(Inherited from IQueryObject.)
Public propertySelectColumns Obsolete.
List of columns to return, by default returns all columns, e.g. "DocumentName, DocumentID"
Public propertySelectColumnsList
List of columns to return, by default returns all columns, e.g. "DocumentName, DocumentID"
Public propertySelectDistinct
If set to true, returns only distinct (different) values.
Public propertySourceExpression
Source of the query
Public propertyTopNRecords
If set, selects only first top N number of records
Public propertyWhereCondition
Where condition on the data, e.g. "DocumentName = 'ABC'"
(Inherited from IWhereCondition.)
Public propertyWhereIsComplex
Returns true if the given where condition contains compound conditions, e. g. "A > 1 AND B = 5"
(Inherited from IWhereCondition.)
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