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GetObjectsDataSettings Properties

The GetObjectsDataSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyExcludedNames
List of names which are used to filter out objects having codename or display name that starts with one of these names.
Public propertyIncludeBinaryData
Indicates if binary data should be included into selection.
Public propertyIncludeChildData
Indicates if child object data should be included into selection.
Public propertyInfoObject
Main info object for which the data should be retrieved.
Public propertyOperation
Operation type.
Public propertyOrderBy
Order by.
Public propertyQueryParameters
Query parameters for the selection.
Public propertySiteId
Site ID specifies that only site child objects and bindings are included into selection.
Public propertyTranslationTable
Translation table to initialize with data bindings.
Public propertyWhere
Where condition.
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