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BaseAbstractInfoProvider Properties

The BaseAbstractInfoProvider type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyDataSource
Data source for the provider
Protected propertyGenerationColumn Obsolete.
Column used to filter the data according the generation in which the items should be loaded.
Public propertyHashtableSettings
Hashtable settings
Public propertyInfoType
Returns the type of the info object for this provider
Public propertyIsDataAvailable
Returns true if the data is available for this provider
Public propertyIsValid
Indicates if the provider instance is up-to-date and can be used to manage object instances.
(Inherited from AbstractProvider.)
Protected propertyLoadHashtables Obsolete.
Determines the mode in which the hashtables should be loaded. In case the hashtables are loaded through generations, you must also specify the GenerationColumn property.
Protected propertyProviderName
Provider name
(Overrides AbstractProviderProviderName.)
Public propertyTypeInfo
Object type information.
Protected propertyUseFullNameHashtable Obsolete.
If true, the full name hashtable is allowed to be used.
Protected propertyUseGUIDHashtable Obsolete.
If true, the guid hashtable is allowed to be used.
Protected propertyUseHashtables Obsolete.
If true, the provider uses hashtables.
Protected propertyUseIDHashtable Obsolete.
If true, the ID hashtable is allowed to be used.
Protected propertyUseNameHashtable Obsolete.
If true, the code name hashtable is allowed to be used.
Protected propertyUseWeakReferences Obsolete.
If true, the weak references are used for the items so the memory can be cleared upon request
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