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MFAuthenticationHelper Methods

The MFAuthenticationHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberGenerateTokenID
Generate unique token ID
Public methodStatic memberGetInitialIteration
Return initial iteration for token generator.
Public methodStatic memberGetTokenIDForUser(String)
Retrun token id assigned to the user.
Public methodStatic memberGetTokenIDForUser(UserInfo)
Retrun token id assigned to the user.
Public methodStatic memberIsMultiFactorRequiredForUser
Return if is required Multi Factor authentization for user.
Public methodStatic memberIsPasscodeValid
Recognize if entered passcode is valid.
Public methodStatic memberIssuePasscode
Gets passcode for user and fires MultiFactorAuthenticate event.
Public methodStatic memberMFAuthenticateUser
Authenticate given user with multi-factor authentication.
Public methodStatic memberRenewTokenForUser
Regenerate Token ID for user.
Public methodStatic memberResetTokenAndIterationForUser
Reset Token ID an iteration to initial state.
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