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IWhereCondition Methods

The IWhereCondition type exposes the following members.

Public methodApplyParametersTo
Applies this where condition to the target object
(Inherited from IQueryParameters.)
Public methodCloneObject
Creates the clone of the object.
(Inherited from IQueryObject.)
Public methodEnsureParameters
Ensures data parameters for the given query
(Inherited from IQueryParameters.)
Public methodExpand
Expands the expression by replacing parameters with their values
(Inherited from IQueryParameters.)
Public methodChanged
Marks the object as changed
(Inherited from IQueryObject.)
Public methodIncludeDataParameters
Adds the data parameters to the current query parameters
(Inherited from IQueryObject.)
Public methodReturnNoResults
Sets the query to return no results. This action is irreversible, once the query is set to return no results it cannot be changed. This method is used by data engine to forbid access to data that are not allowed to be accessed (e.g. license limitations), without notifying the process about the fact.
Public methodToString
Returns the string representation of the expression, with possibility of expanding parameters
(Inherited from IQueryParameters.)
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