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BaseInfoGeneralizedInfoWrapperGetData Method
Returns the data according to the set of input parameters.

Namespace: CMS.DataEngine
Assembly: CMS.DataEngine (in CMS.DataEngine.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public DataSet GetData(
	QueryDataParameters parameters,
	string where = null,
	string orderBy = null,
	int topN = 0,
	string columns = null,
	bool binaryData = true


Type: CMS.DataEngineQueryDataParameters
Query parameters
where (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Where condition to filter data
orderBy (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Order by statement
topN (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
Specifies number of returned records
columns (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Data columns to return
binaryData (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
If true, binary data are returned in the result

Return Value

Type: DataSet
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