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CMSPagePlaceholder Fields

The CMSPagePlaceholder type exposes the following members.

Protected fieldlblTitle
Control title.
Protected fieldmAllowDesignModeActions
If true, placeholder allows the design mode actions.
Protected fieldmCMSEditableControls
ArrayList of the editable controls located under current placeholder.
Protected fieldmDesignEnabled
If true, placeholder is enabled in design mode.
Protected fieldmChildPagePlaceholders
Child page placeholders.
Protected fieldmIsAuthorized
Indicates whether user is authorized to read the content when in live site mode.
Protected fieldmLayoutInfo
Placeholder level layout info.
Protected fieldmNoLayoutPlaceholder
Placeholder to supply window to the next page level when layout not defined.
Protected fieldmPageLayout
Parent page layout.
Protected fieldmPageLevel
Page level of the Placeholder.
Protected fieldmPagePlaceholder
Parent page placeholder.
Protected fieldmPageTemplateInfo
Placeholder level page template layout info.
Protected fieldmPortalManager
Parent portal manager.
Protected fieldmSiblingPagePlaceholders
Sibling page placeholders.
Protected fieldmViewMode
If set, the placeholder has overridden ViewMode.
Protected fieldpnlDesignContent
Design mode content container.
Protected fieldpnlDesignHeader
Design mode header container.
Protected fieldpnlPlaceholder
Overall container.
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