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ProviderDictionaryCollection Fields

The ProviderDictionaryCollection type exposes the following members.

Protected fieldmByCodeName
Code name dictionary.
Protected fieldmByFullName
Full name dictionary.
Protected fieldmByGuid
GUID dictionary.
Protected fieldmByGuidAndSite
GUID and site ID dictionary.
Protected fieldmById
ID dictionary.
Protected fieldStatic membermCollections
Hashtable of all dictionary collections.
Protected fieldmLoadCollectionsAfterClear
Indicates if collection should be filled with new data after clearing the collection
Protected fieldmLoadedGeneration
Currently loaded generation of the objects.
Protected fieldmLoadingType
Default loading type of the items.
Protected fieldmName
Dictionary name.
Protected fieldmParameter
Custom parameter passed to a LoadGeneration method.
Protected fieldmStringValues
Values dictionary.
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