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ObjectRepositoryTCollection, TObject, TSettings Fields

The ObjectRepositoryTCollection, TObject, TSettings generic type exposes the following members.

Protected fieldmAll
Collection of all underlying objects.
Protected fieldmCollections
Table of collections [name -> CollectionType]
Protected fieldmCollectionSettings
Table of collection settings [name -> InfoCollectionSettings]
Protected fieldmCollectionSettingsByIndex
Table of collection settings by index [index -> InfoCollectionSettings]
Protected fieldmCollectionsList
List of all collections (sorted by the order in which the collections were added).
Protected fieldmCount
Number of the inner collections.
Protected fieldmDisconnectedCount
Number of disconnected references for this collection
Protected fieldmDynamicNames
List of dynamic names of the collections
Protected fieldmLoadBinaryData
Indicates whether to load binary data into the collections of the repository.
Protected fieldmNiceNames
Translation of collection nice names to a normal names [niceName -> name]
Protected fieldmProperties
Properties of the object available through GetProperty.
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