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ConnectionHelper Fields

The ConnectionHelper type exposes the following members.

Default connection string name
Public fieldStatic memberDefaultCommandTimeout
Command timeout for the SQL commands.
Public fieldStatic memberDisposeConnectionAfterClose
If true, disposes connection after the connection is closed.
Public fieldStatic memberCheckThreadSafety
If true, the thread safety of the connection access is checked (the connection must be used only in thread where it was originally created).
Public fieldStatic memberKeepContextConnectionOpen
If true, the connection is opened only once for the entire request and kept open until the end of the request.
Public fieldStatic memberLongRunningCommandTimeout
Command timeout in seconds for the SQL queries which are known to possibly take more time than standard command timeout. Long running queries have to be explicitly wrapped with CMSConnectionScope with its CommandTimeout property set to this value.
Public fieldStatic memberTransactionIsolationLevel
Isolation level for SQL operations with transactions.
Public fieldStatic memberUseContextConnection
If true, single connection is used for the entire request.
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