Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

License management

License management

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License management

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Kentico CMS requires an appropriate license key for every domain you use. The licenses can be managed in Site Manager -> Licenses:




The list displays the information about licensed domain, expiration and edition. When you get full or trial key for a particular domain, you need to click AddLicence New license and enter the full text of the key into the License key field.


You can also use ExportLicence Export list of domains to export your domains into a text file.


How licensing works


If you're running a website on domain, you need a single license key that will work for the following domains:


http://127.0.0.x (where x is between 1 and 255)


If you use a domain alias (different domain name that points to the same website), such as or, you need extra license keys for these domain aliases. Please ask Kentico support for generating the additional keys (they are free of charge if you already own a license for the main domain).