Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide

Creating web templates

Creating web templates

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Creating web templates

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In case that you want to use your current site created with Kentico CMS as a web template, so that you can use it a a starting point for developing new sites, you have to take the following steps:


1. Export your site. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to export a site, please refer to the Exporting a site chapter of this guide.


2. Go to <web project>\App_Data\Templates. As you can see, this is the folder where all the default templates, such as Community or Corporate site, are stored. Create a new folder with the name of your new page template. Then create one sub-folder under the newly created folder and give it the name Data.




3. Extract the content of your export package into the Data folder.


4. Go to Site Manager -> Development -> Web templates and click New web template.




5. Enter the following details:


Web template display name - name of the web template displayed in the administration interface

Web template code name - name of the web template used in code

Web template folder name - path to the folder where you have extracted the content of the export package; ~\App_Data\Templates\<your folder>

Web template description - text describing your new web template

License editions - editions of Kentico CMS in that this web template will be available; check all for full availability


and click OK. Your new web template should now be present in the list.