Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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On this tab, you can see general information about the currently edited document:



CSS Stylesheet

The CSS stylesheet used for this particular page. You can choose some particular stylesheet or use the default site stylesheet. You can also choose to inherit the stylesheet from the parent document.


By clicking the New button or selecting the (new stylesheet...) option from the drop-down list, you can create a new CSS stylesheet. The created stylesheet will be added to the list of stylesheets in Site Manager -> Development -> CSS stylesheets.

Other properties

Document name

Name of the document.


Document type on which the document is based.

Created by

User who created the document.


Date and time when the document was created.

Last modified by

User who last edited the document.

Last modified

Date and time when the document was last edited.


Rating of the document's content posted evaluated by site visitors. You can reset the value using the Reset button. See Modules -> Content rating for more details.

Node ID

Identifier of the document's node in the content tree (common for all language versions).

Document ID

Identifier of the document in the currently edited language version.


Globally unique identifier of the document's node in the content tree (common for all language versions).

Document GUID

Globally unique identifier of the document in the currently edited language version.

Alias path

Unique path to the document in the content tree structure.


Culture (language) of the currently edited language version of the document.

Name path

Friendly version of the document's Alias path (without blank spaces replaced with dashes, etc.).

Live URL

URL under which the document is accessible on the live site.

Preview URL

If you click the Show preview link, a new window will be opened, displaying the current document in Preview mode outside Kentico CMS user interface. The document will  be displayed on a special page with a dedicated URL. The URL can be sent to a person without access to Kentico CMS user interface to let them view content that is not published yet.


If you do not want the document's preview to be accessible under a link that you already sent to someone, you can generate a new preview URL for the document by clicking the Generate preview link (RebuildIndex) button.


See Editing content -> Previewing documents for more details.


Indicates if the document is currently published.



Document owner is the user responsible for its editing.


This feature doesn't imply any special permissions for the owner, but it allows for easier orientation in documents. The owner can see all their documents in the My Desk -> My Documents section.


The owner is by default set to the user who created the document. The owner can be changed only by users with the Modify permissions permission.

Owned by group

This field shows which group is the owner of the document (this is particularly the case of group pages). This field is mainly informative, but in some special situations, you might find it useful to change the group that the document belongs to by using the Change button.

Output cache

Use output cache

Indicates if the system caches the full HTML output of the page. Output caching can greatly improve the performance of the page, but is not suitable for pages with dynamic content.


You can inherit the output cache settings from the parent document.


Important: Output caching must also be allowed in the website's settings. Administrators can enable output caching in Site Manager -> Settings -> System -> Performance.

Cache minutes

Determines how long the system keeps the output code of the page in the cache (if output caching is enabled).


The page's output cache is automatically cleared if someone modifies the page. You can manually remove the page from the output cache by clicking Clear output cache.

Allow file system cache

Indicates if the system stores the page's output cache on the server's file system. This provides persistent caching in case of application restarts.


If disabled, the application only caches the page output in its memory. If enabled, the system checks both types of cache.


You can inherit the setting from the parent document.


The file system cache is stored for the number of minutes specified in the Cache output in file system (minutes) setting in Site Manager -> Settings -> System -> Performance.

On-line marketing

Log on-line marketing activity

Indicates if page‑related on‑line marketing activities (e.g. Page visit, Landing page or Content rating activity types) should be logged for this document.


If the Inherit field is checked, the document loads the value of this setting from the parent document.


EditLayout Edit regions & web parts

This button opens a window that displays a list of all Editable text and Editable image web parts (or Editable regions for pages based on ASPX templates) placed on the current document and allows them to be edited.

CreateWireframe Add wireframe to this page

Inserts a wireframe schematic into the document. This can be used to plan out the page's structure and design. The document's wireframe can be defined on the Wireframe tab, which will become available in the main Edit mode menu.

RemoveWireframe Remove wireframe

If the document has a wireframe definition, this action may be used to delete it.