Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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The Content rating module can be used to give live site users the possibility of rating any document on your website. This may come in handy in case that you want your website users to express their opinion about the quality of published content. The module has no dedicated user interface - the overall rating of each document can be viewed in the Rating field on the CMS Desk -> Content -> Edit -> Properties -> General tab.


The module's main part is the Content rating web part. The web part can be placed on any page and it enables users to rate content of the currently displayed document. More information about the web part and a step-by-step example of its usage can be found in the Using the Content rating web part topic.




It is also possible to include the ~/CMSAdminControls/ContentRating/RatingControl.ascx control in your transformations in order to ensure the rating possibility with each transformed item. The Displaying ratings in transformations topic will show you how to achieve this.


The content rating functionality is also integrated in web parts of the Message boards module. This enables live site users to submit a rating along with a comment posted to the message board. To learn more, please proceed to the Integration with Message boards topic.


The Content rating internals and API sub-chapter provides information about the database tables and classes used by the module, as well as examples of how ratings can be managed from your code using Kentico CMS API.