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AbstractDefaultLayout Class
Default layout
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.FormEngine.Web.UI
Assembly: CMS.FormEngine.Web.UI (in CMS.FormEngine.Web.UI.dll) Version: 10.0.0
public abstract class AbstractDefaultLayout : AbstractLayout

The AbstractDefaultLayout type exposes the following members.

Protected methodAbstractDefaultLayout
Constructor for the class.
Protected fieldcategories
Stores initiated categories(with translated captions).
Protected fieldmCollapsibleImages
Dictionary of the collapsible images indexed by category name
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected propertyBasicForm
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected propertyCategoryListPanel
Category list panel, may be displayed above formPanel.
Protected propertyFormElements
Gets visible form elements.
Public propertyFormPanel
Main form panel
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Public propertyRequiredMarkCssClass
Gets or sets CSS class for the required mark (*)
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected propertyTotalColumns
Indicates number of form columns.
Protected methodAddControlToPanel
Adds control to form panel.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodCreateCategory
Renders whole category (iterates through fields and renders them).
Protected methodCreateCollapsibleImage
Gets collapsible image.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodCreateEditingFormControl
Creates new EditingFormControl and puts it into FieldEditingControls hash table.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodCreateErrorLabel
Creates the validation label for a field.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodCreateField
Creates the field.
Protected methodCreateFieldActions
Creates additional field action buttons and puts them into FieldActionsControls dictionary.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodCreateFieldLabel
Creates the field label.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodCreateInvisibleField
Creates invisible field with default value if field is not public and it is not allowed to be empty.
Protected methodCreateVisibilityControl
Creates the visibility control for a field.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodGetAnchorID
Gets identifier for anchor element.
Protected methodGetLocalizedCategoryCaption
Returns caption from category info or default category name from parent BasicForm with resolved macros (data and/or localization).
Protected methodGetRowCssClassAttribute
Gets row CSS class attribute for form field
Protected methodGetSubmitButton
Adds the submit button to the form.
Protected methodGetTitleAttribute
Returns title attribute with encoded text or empty string if no title is defined.
Public methodIsCategoryCollapsed
Returns true if the given category is collapsed
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodIsExcludedRequiredField
Indicates if field is excluded from applying the required field format string.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
Protected methodLoad
Loads layout based on specific type.
Public methodLoadLayout
Loads the default form layout from the given form information.
(Overrides AbstractLayoutLoadLayout.)
Protected methodRegisterButtonPanel
Creates submit panel.
Protected methodRegisterScripts
Registers necessary JavaScripts.
Public eventOnAfterRegisterFormControl
Event representing control registration.
(Inherited from AbstractLayout.)
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