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ISharePointListService Interface
Provides access to SharePoint lists.

Namespace: CMS.SharePoint
Assembly: CMS.SharePoint (in CMS.SharePoint.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public interface ISharePointListService : ISharePointService

The ISharePointListService type exposes the following members.

Public methodGetListItems

Gets (optionally) a selection of list items of SharePoint list identified by its title. Keeping listItemsSelection.FieldName or listItemsSelection.FieldType unspecified causes all items (optionally restricted by camlQueryString) to be selected. Keeping camlQueryString unspecified causes all list items to be selected (the listItemsSelection still applies).

The listItemsSelection parameter is provided just for comfortability reason and the same can be achieved using

                    camlQueryString <Eq><FieldRef Name="FieldName" /><Value Type="FieldType">FieldValue</Value></Eq>

The DataSet has an empty table (with no columns) if no list items are retrieved.

Public methodGetLists
Gets all lists on SharePoint server. The DataSet has an empty table (with possibly no columns) if no lists are retrieved.
Public methodIsConnectionSupported
Tells you whether connection parameters can be used by instantiated SharePoint service implementation (eg. the authentication mode might not be supported).
(Inherited from ISharePointService.)
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