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CMS.SharePoint Namespace
Public classAbstractGetSharePointFileHandler
Abstract SharePoint handler that serves SharePoint files.
Public classGetLocalSharePointFileHandler
Handler that serves SharePoint files from local storage.
Public classGetSharePointFileHandler
Handler that serves SharePoint files directly from SharePoint server.
Public classRegisterSharePointServiceFactoryAttribute
Attribute for registering custom SharePoint service factory for certain SharePoint version. The registration is performed on current SharePoint service factory provider.
Public classSharePointAuthMode
Contains well-known SharePoint auth mode constants.
Public classSharePointCCSDKException
Thrown when error regarding SharePoint Client Components SDK occurs.
Public classSharePointConnectionData
Encapsulates information regarding connection parameters for SharePoint server. Any connection data item can be retrieved via GetSharePointConnectionDataItem(String). For access to frequently used items getter properties are available.
Public classSharePointConnectionInfo
Class defines connection to the SharePoint server including credentials.
Public classSharePointConnectionInfoProvider
Class providing SharePointConnectionInfo management.
Public classSharePointConnectionNotFoundException
Thrown when SharePoint connection can not be found.
Public classSharePointConnectionNotSupportedException
Indicates that given SharePoint connection is not suitable for SharePoint service implementation.
Public classSharePointFileAlreadyExistsException
Thrown when trying to create a SharePoint file which already exists.
Public classSharePointFileInfo
SharePointFileInfo data container class.
Public classSharePointFileInfoProvider
Class providing SharePointFileInfo management.
Public classSharepointHelper Obsolete.
Class implementing operations on SharePoint
Public classSharePointLibraryInfo
SharePointLibraryInfo data container class.
Public classSharePointLibraryInfoProvider
Class providing SharePointLibraryInfo management.
Public classSharePointLibrarySynchronizationState
State of the SharePoint library synchronization.
Public classSharePointLibrarySynchronizationTask
Handles SharePoint library synchronization when activated by the scheduler.
Public classSharePointListItemsSelection

Holds a triplet for list items selection specification. The triplet is semantically equivalent to following SharePoint Query expression
<FieldRef Name="FieldName" /><Value Type="FieldType">FieldValue</Value>

In order for the selection to be valid the FieldName, FieldType and FieldValue should be provided.

Public classSharePointListType
Specifies well-known list types.
Public classSharePointModule
Represents the SharePoint module.
Public classSharePointModuleMetadata
Represents the SharePoint module metadata.
Public classSharePointMultiFileUploader
Multi file upload handler for SharePointFiles in SharePointLibraries
Public classSharePointServerException
Thrown when error at SharePoint server occurs.
Public classSharePointServiceFactoryNotSupportedException
Indicates the desired SharePoint service factory does not have an implementation.
Public classSharePointServiceFactoryProvider
Provides access to proper instance of ISharePointServiceFactory.
Public classSharePointServiceNotSupportedException
Indicates the desired SharePoint service does not have an implementation.
Public classSharePointServices
Provides access to SharePoint services using current implementation of ISharePointServiceFactoryProvider.
Public classSharePointVersion
Contains known SharePoint version constants.
Public classSharePointView
Represents the <View> element used for SharePoint data retrieval configuration. Only certain configuration options are made available. The class is version independent and each SharePoint service implementation may process it differently.
Public classSharePointViewScope
Contains well-known constants specifying the recursive scope of a SharePoint library.
Public classSPClassMapping Obsolete.
Class representing mapping of CMS class to SharePoint object.
Public classSPDocTypeMapping Obsolete.
Class representing mapping of Document type to SharePoint object.
Public classSPMediaMapping Obsolete.
Class representing mapping of Media library to SharePoint object.
Public interfaceISharePointFile
Represents version independent SharePoint file. The file or its properties may be loaded eagerly or lazily (depends on implementation).
Public interfaceISharePointFileService
Provides access to SharePoint files.
Public interfaceISharePointListService
Provides access to SharePoint lists.
Public interfaceISharePointService
Specifies common SharePoint service properties.
Public interfaceISharePointServiceFactory
Describes SharePoint service factory.
Public interfaceISharePointServiceFactoryProvider
Describes SharePoint service factory.
Public interfaceISharePointSiteService
Provides access to information about SharePoint site.