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ISearchSyntaxHelper Interface
Helper methods for search condition syntax

Namespace: CMS.Search
Assembly: CMS.Search (in CMS.Search.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public interface ISearchSyntaxHelper

The ISearchSyntaxHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddSearchCondition
Adds the given search condition to the existing condition
Public methodCombineSearchCondition
Returns string with combined search index conditions.
Public methodEscapeKeyWords
Escapes the key words to be searched
Public methodExpandWithSynonyms
Expands given search expression with synonyms. If the data base of synonyms for given language is not found, searchExpression is returned without any modifications.
Public methodGetExactPhraseCondition
Gets the exact phrase condition from the given phrase
Public methodGetFieldCondition(String, Object, NullableBoolean)
Gets the search condition for the given field
Public methodGetFieldCondition(String, Object, Object, NullableBoolean)
Gets the field condition for a range of values
Public methodGetFilterCondition
Returns condition for search filter row
Public methodGetGroup
Groups the expressions
Public methodGetNotCondition
Gets a not (except) condition from the given condition
Public methodGetRange
Gets the range expression
Public methodGetRequiredCondition
Gets a required condition from the given condition
Public methodIsEmptyCondition
Returns true if the given search condition is empty
Public methodProcessSearchKeywords
Returns modified keywords string based on searchOptions.
Public methodTransformToFuzzySearch
Adds ~ signs to each term to force fuzzy search.
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