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CMS.Search Namespace
Public classAbstractSearchSyntaxHelper
Helper methods for search condition syntax
Public classAbstractSearchValueConverter
Base class for search value converter
Public classCustomSearchIndexer
Search indexer for custom search index
Public classDocumentFilterSearchResultsParameters
Settings for search index permission check for documents
Public classDocumentSearchCondition
Specifies parameters for document search condition
Public classExtractionContext
Extraction context passed to the extract method.
Public classSearchCondition
Defines search condition parameters
Public classSearchContext
Search context.
Public classSearchCrawler
Search HTML crawler for indexing content from the output of the web site
Public classSearchDocumentParameters
Parameters used to create new ISearchDocument
Public classSearchEventArgs
Synchronization event arguments
Public classSearchEvents
Staging events
Public classSearchException
Base for exceptions thrown during smart search operations.
Public classSearchExtensions
Extension methods for the search module
Public classSearchField
Represents search field
Public classSearchFields
Search fields collection and field constatns
Public classSearchHandler
Search handler
Public classSearchHelper
Provides the smart search methods.
Public classSearchIndexCultureInfo
Search index culture.
Public classSearchIndexCultureInfoProvider
Class providing SearchIndexCultureInfo management.
Public classSearchIndexer
Base class for search indexer
Public classSearchIndexers
Manages the search indexers used for specific object type
Public classSearchIndexException
Exception thrown during smart search operations on indexes.
Public classSearchIndexInfo
Search index.
Public classSearchIndexInfoProvider
Class providing SearchIndexInfo management.
Public classSearchIndexProvider
Provides indexing for particular search index type
Public classSearchIndexSiteInfo
Search index site.
Public classSearchIndexSiteInfoProvider
Class providing management of the Search index - Site binding.
Public classSearchMacroMethods
Content methods - wrapping methods for macro resolver.
Public classSearchManager
Provides the connection between search engine and specific search index implementation
Public classSearchModule
Represents the Search module.
Public classSearchModuleMetadata
Represents the Search module metadata.
Public classSearchParameters
Structure to define the search parameters used for search.
Public classSearchQueryClauses
Class with information about clauses and keywords.
Public classSearchResults
Settings for search index permission check
Public classSearchSyntaxHelper
Helper methods for search condition syntax
Public classSearchTaskCreationParameters
Wrappes values required to create a new search task.
Public classSearchTaskInfo
SearchTaskInfo data container class.
Public classSearchTaskInfoProvider
Class providing SearchTaskInfo management.
Public classSearchTaskType
Operation type enumeration.
Public classSearchTextExtractorManager
Provides management over extraction of text from binary files using extension - extractor mapping.
Public classSearchValueConverter
Base class for search value converter
Public interfaceICustomSearchIndex
Custom search index interface.
Public interfaceIIndexSearcher
Interface for the index searcher
Public interfaceIIndexWriter
Interface for the search index writer
Public interfaceISearchAnalyzer
Defines search analyzer
Public interfaceISearchFilter
Interface for the search filter
Public interfaceISearchFilterable
Interface for search filter.
Public interfaceISearchHits
Interface for the search result hits
Public interfaceISearchManager
Provides an interface to the search index manager
Public interfaceISearchProvider
Interface for search provider.
Public interfaceISearchSyntaxHelper
Helper methods for search condition syntax
Public interfaceISearchTextExtractor
Provides base class for text extractors from binary files.
Public interfaceISearchValueConverter
Base class for search value converter
Public enumerationClauseTypeEnum
Search query clause enumeration.
Public enumerationIndexStatusEnum
Enumeration for index statuses.
Public enumerationSearchFilterModeEnum
Search filter mode enumeration.
Public enumerationSearchModeEnum
Search mode enumeration.
Public enumerationSearchOptionsEnum
Search task status enumeration.
Public enumerationSearchScopeEnum
Indicates if all content or only its part should be searched.
Public enumerationSearchTaskStatusEnum
Search task status enumeration.
Public enumerationSearchTaskTypeEnum
Search task type enum.