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SchedulingHelper Class
Global class providing Scheduler methods.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.Scheduler
Assembly: CMS.Scheduler (in CMS.Scheduler.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public static class SchedulingHelper

The SchedulingHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberApplicationInterval
Gets application scheduler interval.
Public methodStatic memberDecodeInterval
Decodes interval string from database.
Public methodStatic memberEncodeInterval
Encodes interval for save it to database.
Public methodStatic memberGetNextTime
Returns date and time when the next scheduling moment occurs based on the current date and time and the scheduling pattern string.
Public methodStatic memberLogTask
Logs task.
Public methodStatic memberRunEndRequestScheduler
Attempts to run the scheduler request based on scheduler configuration.
Public methodStatic memberRunSchedulerRequest
Runs the request to the scheduler page.
Public methodStatic memberShiftToAllowedDayNextMonth
Finds allowed day in next month.
Public fieldStatic membermLogFile
Logs file path.
Public fieldStatic memberMONTHS_FIRST
First day of the month.
Public fieldStatic memberMONTHS_FOURTH
Fourth day of the month.
Public fieldStatic memberMONTHS_LAST
Last day of the month.
Public fieldStatic memberMONTHS_SECOND
Second day of the month.
Public fieldStatic memberMONTHS_THIRD
Third day of the month.
Public fieldStatic memberPERIOD_DAY
Day period.
Public fieldStatic memberPERIOD_HOUR
Hour period.
Public fieldStatic memberPERIOD_MINUTE
Minute period.
Public fieldStatic memberPERIOD_MONTH
Month period.
Public fieldStatic memberPERIOD_ONCE
Once period.
Public fieldStatic memberPERIOD_SECOND
Second period.
Public fieldStatic memberPERIOD_WEEK
Week period.
Public fieldStatic memberPERIOD_YEAR
Year period.
Public propertyStatic memberEnableScheduler
If true (default value), running of scheduler is enabled.
Public propertyStatic memberLogFile
Logs file.
Public propertyStatic memberLogTasks
If true, executed tasks are logged into file.
Public propertyStatic memberRunSchedulerWithinRequest
If true, the scheduler tasks are executed within the standard requests (at the end of requests). The default settings is true (scheduler is executed within the request).
Public propertyStatic memberServiceInterval
Gets windows service interval (in seconds).
Public propertyStatic memberUseAutomaticScheduler
If true, the automatic version of scheduler is used (standalone thread and scheduler.aspx page). The default settings is false (scheduler is executed by the activity of the requests).
Public propertyStatic memberUseExternalService
Indicates if the windows service should be used.
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