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CMS.Scheduler Namespace
Public classDeleteImageEditorHistory
Provides an ITask interface for the temporary files deletion.
Public classFileSystemCacheCleaner
Scheduler task to clean the output file system cache. Deletes all files older than current file system output cache minutes
Public classPartialQueueCleaner
Deletes expired archived emails (worker task).
Public classQueueCleaner
Deletes expired archived e-mails (manager task).
Public classQueueSender
Scheduled task that dispatches e-mail messages from the e-mail queue.
Public classRentedLicenseUpdaterTask
Class for RentedLicenseUpdaterTask scheduled task, which renews rented licenses keys.
Public classSearchIndexOptimizer
Class used by scheduler to execute the task.
Public classSearchTaskExecutor
Class used by scheduler to execute the task.
Public classSchedulerModule
Represents the Scheduler module.
Public classSchedulerModuleMetadata
Represents the Scheduler module metadata.
Public classSchedulingExecutor
Methods for executing scheduled tasks.
Public classSchedulingExecutorParameters
Wrapper for SchedulingExecutor.ExecuteScheduledTasks method. Used to create CMSThread with proper calling context.
Public classSchedulingHelper
Global class providing Scheduler methods.
Public classSchedulingTimer
Class to provide timing for scheduler.
Public classSystemTaskListInfo
List info for scheduled tasks generated by the system.
Public classTaskExecutor
Task executor.
Public classTaskInfo
TaskInfo data container class.
Public classTaskInfoProvider
Class providing TaskInfo management.
Public classTaskInterval
Task interval data container class.
Public classTimeZoneRecalculate
Provides an ITask interface to recalculate DST time.
Public classUnusedMemoryCleaner
Class for cleaning unused memory.
Public interfaceITask
Defines a common interface for scheduled tasks.
Public enumerationScheduledTaskTypeEnum
Enumeration of the scheduled task types.