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ViewModeEnum Enumeration
Page mode enumeration.

Namespace: CMS.PortalEngine
Assembly: CMS.PortalEngine (in CMS.PortalEngine.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public enum ViewModeEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
LiveSite0 Live site mode.
Preview2 Preview mode.
Edit3 Edit mode - content editing.
Design6 Edit mode with disabled controls - when not authorized or cannot edit.
EditForm8 Edit form mode - for portal engine pages.
Unknown9 Unknown / does not matter
EditLive18 On-Site edit mode
Wireframe19 Wireframe mode.
Listing20 Listing mode.
SectionEdit21 Section edit mode.
UI22 UI Page
DesignWebPart23 Design mode for web parts
EditDisabled4 Edit mode - content editing (editing disabled).
EditNotCurrent5 Edit mode - not current page.
DesignDisabled7 Design mode with disabled controls - for portal engine pages.
UserWidgets12 User widgets mode.
UserWidgetsDisabled13 User widgets mode with disabled functionality (for preview mode).
GroupWidgets14 Group widgets mode.
DashboardWidgets15 Dashboard widgets mode.
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