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CMS.PortalEngine Namespace
Public classCssEventArgs
The object of this class is used to pass CSS preprocessing arguments to a callback method.
Public classCssPreprocessor
The object of this class maintains information about CSS preprocessor.
Public classCssStylesheetImport
Handles special actions during the CSS stylesheet import process.
Public classCssStylesheetInfo
CSS style sheet info data container class.
Public classCssStylesheetInfoProvider
Provides access to information about cssstylesheet.
Public classCssStylesheetSiteInfo
Css stylesheet site binding info.
Public classCssStylesheetSiteInfoProvider
Class providing CssStylesheetSiteInfo management.
Public classCSSWrapper
Wrapper for the CSS object property
Public classCurrentComponentsList
Current components used on the page
Public classCurrentDeviceInfo
Class to hold current device information.
Public classDeleteVariantEventArgs
Argument class for deleting variants
Public classDeleteWidgetVariantsHandler
Delete widget variants handler
Public classDeviceContext
Context data for device profiles
Public classDeviceInfoDataSet
Device info dataset class for loading DeviceInfoEntry objects.
Public classDeviceInfoEntry
Devices info entry for XML serialization.
Public classDeviceProfileImport
Handles special actions during the device profile import process.
Public classDeviceProfileInfo
DeviceProfile data container class.
Public classDeviceProfileInfoProvider
Class providing Device profile management.
Public classDeviceProfileLayoutInfo
DeviceProfileLayoutInfo data container class.
Public classDeviceProfileLayoutInfoProvider
Provides DeviceProfileLayoutInfo object management.
Public classDevicesList
Devices list container.
Public classGetDocLinkHandler

Handles requests for documentation. Redirects the client to documentation service with proper product version specified.

Accessing the handler without "link" query parameter specified redirects the client to product documentation root. Accessing the handler with "link" query parameter redirects the client to documentation topic identified by "link".

Public classGetVariantEventArgs
Argument class for event raised when variant is requested.
Public classGetVariantHandler
Get variant handler
Public classGetVariantsEventArgs
Variants handling event arguments
Public classGetVariantsHandler
Get variants handler
Public classInlineControlImport
Handles special actions during the Inline control import process.
Public classInlineControlInfo
InlineControlInfo data container class.
Public classInlineControlInfoProvider
Class providing InlineControlInfo management.
Public classInlineControlSiteInfo
InlineControlSiteInfo data container class.
Public classInlineControlSiteInfoProvider
Class providing InlineControlSiteInfo management.
Public classLayoutInfo
Layout info data container class.
Public classLayoutInfoProvider
Provides access to information about layout.
Public classMoveWebPartHandler
Move web part handler
Public classMoveWebPartsArgs
Argument class for events raised after webpart movement
Public classMVTVariantsEnabledHandler
MVT variants enabled handler
Public classPageLayoutImport
Handles special actions during the Page layout import process.
Public classPageTemplateCategoryInfo
Page template category info data container class.
Public classPageTemplateCategoryInfoProvider
Provides access to information about page template categories.
Public classPageTemplateCloneEventArgs
Arguments for the template cloning handler.
Public classPageTemplateCloneHandler
Handler for the template cloning.
Public classPageTemplateDeviceLayoutInfo
Page template device layout info data container class.
Public classPageTemplateDeviceLayoutInfoProvider
Provides access to information about page template device layouts.
Public classPageTemplateEvents
Page templates events.
Public classPageTemplateImport
Handles special actions during the Page template import process.
Public classPageTemplateInfo
Page template info data container class.
Public classPageTemplateInfoProvider
Provides access to information about page templates.
Public classPageTemplateInstance
Class holding the page template structure information.
Public classPageTemplateScopeInfo
PageTemplateScopeInfo data container class.
Public classPageTemplateScopeInfoProvider
Class providing PageTemplateScopeInfo management.
Public classPageTemplateSiteInfo
PageTemplateSiteInfo data container class.
Public classPageTemplateSiteInfoProvider
Class providing PageTemplateSiteInfo management.
Public classPageTemplateTreeNode
Tree node representation for the page template.
Public classPageTemplateTreeProvider
Page template tree structure provider.
Public classPortalContext
Portal context methods.
Public classPortalEngineEventArgs
Event arguments for portal engine
Public classPortalEngineEvents
Events for portal engine
Public classPortalFormHelper
Form info helper for portal engine purposes
Public classPortalModule
Represents the Portal module.
Public classPortalModuleMetadata
Represents the Portal module metadata.
Public classPortalResolvers
Resolvers used in e-mail templates and other macro visual components.
Public classRemoveWebPartHandler
Remove web part handler
Public classRemoveWebPartsArgs
Argument class for events raised after webpart is removed
Public classSetVariantEventArgs
Class used for handling saving variants
Public classSetVariantHandler
Set variant handler
Public classTransformationInfo
Class to use for storing the transformation data.
Public classTransformationInfoProvider
Enables access to Transformations.
Public classUIContext
UI context properties.
Public classUIContextData
Class used for storing context data for UI.
Public classUIContextEventArgs
Event argument class for UI context
Public classUIContextHelper
Class helper for context's methods.
Public classUIContextSecure
Wrapper class for UIContext secure parameters.
Public classVariantHelper
Helper class for portal engine variants
Public classVariantModeFunctions
Variant mode enumeration support functions.
Public classVariantSettings
Container for shared settings used by operations with variants.
Public classViewModeCode
Page mode code.
Public classViewModeExtensions
Extensions for the view mode enum
Public classViewModeOnDemand
Encapsulates the view mode but doesn't request it until it is demanded by Value.
Public classWebPartCategoryInfo
WebPartCategory info data container class.
Public classWebPartCategoryInfoProvider
Provides access to information about WebPartCategory.
Public classWebPartContainerInfo
WebPartContainerInfo data container class.
Public classWebPartContainerInfoProvider
Class providing WebPartContainerInfo management.
Public classWebPartContainerSiteInfo
WebPartContainerSiteInfo data container class.
Public classWebPartContainerSiteInfoProvider
Class providing WebPartContainerSiteInfo management.
Public classWebPartEvents
Web part (web part zone) events
Public classWebPartImport
Handles special actions during the Web part import process.
Public classWebPartInfo
WebPart info data container class.
Public classWebPartInfoProvider
Class to provide the WebPartInfo management.
Public classWebPartInstance
Web part instance representation.
Public classWebPartLayoutException
Web part layout exception.
Public classWebPartLayoutInfo
WebPartLayoutInfo data container class.
Public classWebPartLayoutInfoProvider
Class providing WebPartLayoutInfo management.
Public classWebPartLoadVariantHandler
Web part load variant handler
Public classWebPartLoadVariantsArgs
Argument classs for events raised for load variants
Public classWebPartVirtualPageTemplateInfo
Web part virtual page template info
Public classWebPartZoneInstance
Web part zone instance. Keeps configuration data for parent web part.
Public classWidgetCategoryInfo
Widget category info class.
Public classWidgetCategoryInfoProvider
Class providing WidgetCategoryInfo management.
Public classWidgetInfo
Widget info class.
Public classWidgetInfoProvider
Class providing WidgetInfo management.
Public classWidgetRoleInfo
WidgetRole info class.
Public classWidgetRoleInfoProvider
Class providing WidgetRoleInfo management.
Public classWidgetZoneTypeCode
Widget zone type code.
Public interfaceIAdminPage
Interface for the admin pages.
Public interfaceIPageInfo
Page info interface
Public interfaceIPageManager
Page manager interface.
Public interfaceIThemeInfo
Interface for the themeable info objects
Public interfaceIUIContextManager
Interface for UI context control
Public interfaceIWebPartZoneProperties
Interface for webpart zone properties control
Public enumerationDefaultTransformationTypeEnum
Enumeration for file size units.
Public enumerationEditModeButtonEnum
Enumeration of the available edit mode buttons
Public enumerationElementAccessCheckResult
Element access check result enum
Public enumerationPageTemplateLayoutTypeEnum
Layout types enum
Public enumerationPageTemplateTypeEnum
Page template type enumeration.
Public enumerationPropertiesPosition
Web part properties position enumeration.
Public enumerationTransformationTypeEnum
Transformation type enumeration.
Public enumerationUIElementPropertiesPosition
Web part properties position enumeration.
Public enumerationVariantModeEnum
Variant mode enumeration.
Public enumerationViewModeEnum
Page mode enumeration.
Public enumerationWebPartTypeEnum
Web part type enumeration.
Public enumerationWidgetZoneTypeEnum
Widget zone type enumeration.