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FormFieldPropertyEnum Enumeration
Form field info property types.

Namespace: CMS.FormEngine
Assembly: CMS.FormEngine (in CMS.FormEngine.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public enum FormFieldPropertyEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
DefaultValue0 Field default value.
FieldCaption1 Field caption.
FieldDescription2 Field description.
ExplanationText3 Explanation text displayed bellow the field.
ValidationErrorMessage4 Validation error message.
CaptionStyle5 Caption style.
CaptionCssClass6 Caption css class.
CaptionCellCssClass7 Caption cell css class.
InputControlStyle8 Input control style.
ControlCssClass9 Control css class.
ControlCellCssClass10 Control cell css class.
FieldCssClass11 Field css class.
ContentBefore12 Content before.
ContentAfter13 Content after.
VisibleMacro14 Visibility macro.
EnabledMacro15 Enabled macro.
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