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FormFieldControlTypeEnum Enumeration
Field control types.

Namespace: CMS.FormEngine
Assembly: CMS.FormEngine (in CMS.FormEngine.dll) Version: 8.2.23
public enum FormFieldControlTypeEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
LabelControl1 Label control.
TextBoxControl2 TextBox control.
DropDownListControl3 DropDownList control.
RadioButtonsControl4 RadioButtons control.
MultipleChoiceControl5 MultipleChoice control.
ImageSelectionControl6 ImageSelection control.
FileSelectionControl7 FileSelectionControl.
CustomUserControl8 CustomUser control.
UploadControl9 Upload control.
TextAreaControl10 TextArea control.
HtmlAreaControl11 HtmlArea control.
CalendarControl12 Calendar control.
CheckBoxControl13 CheckBox control.
IntegerNumberTextBox14 TextBox with integer number.
DecimalNumberTextBox15 TextBox with decimal number.
Unknown16 Unknown control - error control type.
UploadFile17 Upload file field (HTTP Input file).
ListBoxControl18 Listbox control.
BBEditorControl19 BBEditor control.
DocumentAttachmentsControl20 Document attachments control.
MediaSelectionControl21 Media selector control.
DirectUploadControl22 Direct uploader control.
LongNumberTextBox23 TextBox with long integer number.
SelectColumns24 Selector for table columns.
EncryptedPassword25 Encrypted password control.
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