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CMSOutputMediaFile Properties

The CMSOutputMediaFile type exposes the following members.

Public propertyColumnNames
Column names.
Public propertyDataLoaded
Returns true if the data is loaded to the object.
(Inherited from AbstractOutputFile.)
Public propertyFileExtension
File extension.
Public propertyFileName
File extension.
Public propertyFilePath
File path.
Public propertyHeight
Requested output Height.
(Inherited from AbstractOutputFile.)
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets the value of the column.
Public propertyLastModified
Time when the file was last modified.
Public propertyMaxSideSize
Requested output MaxSideSize.
(Inherited from AbstractOutputFile.)
Public propertyMediaFile
Media file info object.
Public propertyMimeType
Mime type.
Public propertyOriginalFile
Gets physical file path to the original file.
Public propertyOutputData
Output file data.
(Inherited from AbstractOutputFile.)
Public propertyPhysicalFile
Physical file path to the data.
Public propertyResized
If true, the file is resized version of the file.
(Inherited from AbstractOutputFile.)
Public propertySiteName
Media file site name.
Public propertyUsePreview
Indicates if file preview should be pused for output file.
Public propertyUseWatermark
If true, the watermark is allowed to be used.
(Overrides AbstractOutputFileUseWatermark.)
Public propertyWatermark
If set, watermark image is applied to the image. Name of the watermark image from ~/App_Themes/{theme}/Images/Watermarks
(Inherited from AbstractOutputFile.)
Public propertyWatermarkPosition
Watermark position.
(Inherited from AbstractOutputFile.)
Public propertyWidth
Requested output width.
(Inherited from AbstractOutputFile.)
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