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CMS.MediaLibrary Namespace
Public classCMSOutputMediaFile
Class encapsulating MediaFile.
Public classFolderTaskWorker
Class for asynchronous folder tasks logging.
Public classFolderTree
Class providing basic variables and properties.
Public classMediaFileDataSource
Media file data source server control.
Public classMediaFileInfo
Media file info data container class.
Public classMediaFileInfoProvider
Class providing media file info management.
Public classMediaFilePreview
Media file preview class.
Public classMediaFileURLProvider
URL provider for the media files.
Public classMediaHelper Obsolete.
Class providing media library helper methods.
Public classMediaLibraryContext
Class representing media library in the current context.
Public classMediaLibraryDataSource
Media library data source server control.
Public classMediaLibraryDialogs
Helper class for media library dialog's event handlers initialization.
Public classMediaLibraryHelper
Class providing helper methods for media library.
Public classMediaLibraryImport
Handles special actions during the Media library import process.
Public classMediaLibraryInfo
Media library info data container class.
Public classMediaLibraryInfoProvider
Class providing media library info management.
Public classMediaLibraryMethods
Media library methods - wrapping methods for macro resolver.
Public classMediaLibraryModule
Represents the Media Library module.
Public classMediaLibraryModuleMetadata
Represents the Media Library module metadata.
Public classMediaLibraryRolePermissionInfo
Media library role permission data container class.
Public classMediaLibraryRolePermissionInfoProvider
Class providing media library role permission management.
Public classMediaLibraryTransformationFunctions
Summary description for MediaLibraryTransformationFunctions.
Public classMediaLibraryUploader
Multifile media library uploader class for Http handler.
Public classMediaTaskType
Web farm task types for Media library module