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UploaderHelper Properties

The UploaderHelper type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdditionalArgsCollection
NameValueCollection of the additional arguments.
Public propertyAfterSaveJavascript
Name of the javascript function which should be fired on the client after the upload.
Public propertyAfterScript
After script which will be evaluated after the upload.
Public propertyAllowedExtensions
Extension which are allowed for uploaded files.
Public propertyAttachmentArgs
Arguments for the attachment upload.
Public propertyAttachmentArgsCollection
NameValueCollection of attachment arguments.
Public propertyCanceled
Indicates whether the upload is canceled or not.
Public propertyComplete
Indicates whether the upload is finished or not.
Public propertyCurrentFileIndex
Current file index started from 1.
Public propertyEventTarget
ClientID of the element which should be used for postback method as the target.
Public propertyEventTargetPostbackReference
Gets postback reference for the event target.
Public propertyExtension
Extension of the uploaded file.
Public propertyFileArgs
Arguments for the file upload.
Public propertyFileArgsCollection
NameValueCollection of file arguments.
Public propertyFileName
Name of the uploaded file.
Public propertyFilePath
Path to the uploaded file on the server in the temporary directory.
Public propertyFilesCount
Count of currently uploading files.
Public propertyFileSuccessfullyProcessed
Indicates if file was successfully processed (checked if exist or uploaded).
Public propertyForumArgs
Arguments for the forum attachment upload.
Public propertyForumArgsCollection
NameValueCollection of forum arguments.
Public propertyFullRefresh
Indicates whether the full refresh should be fired after the upload.
Public propertyGetBytes
Indicates whether bytes should be got.
Public propertyIncludeNewItemInfo
Indicates whether the info of the newly created item should be included in the after script.
Public propertyInstanceGuid
Uploader instance guid.
Public propertyIsAttachmentUpload
Indicates whether it is attachment upload.
Public propertyIsFileUpload
Indicates whether it is file upload.
Public propertyIsFirstUpload
Indicates if current upload is the first one.
Public propertyIsForumAttachmentUpload
Indicates whether it is forum attachment upload.
Public propertyIsInsertMode
Indicates whether the upload is running in the insert mode or not.
Public propertyIsLastUpload
Indicates if current upload is last.
Public propertyIsMediaLibraryUpload
Indicates whether it is media library upload.
Public propertyIsMetaFileUpload
Indicates whether it is meta file upload.
Public propertyIsPhysicalFileUpload
Indicates whether it is physical file upload.
Public propertyMediaLibraryArgs
Arguments for the media library upload.
Public propertyMediaLibraryArgsCollection
NameValueCollection of media library arguments.
Public propertyMessage
Error message displayed after upload.
Public propertyMetaFileArgs
Arguments for the meta file upload.
Public propertyMetaFileArgsCollection
NameValueCollection of meta file arguments.
Public propertyName
Name of the uploaded file without the file extension.
Public propertyOnlyImages
Indicates whether only image files can be uploaded or not.
Public propertyParentElementID
ID of the parent element in which the upload control is placed.
Public propertyRaiseOnClick
Indicates whether some script script should be raised on click event.
Public propertyResizeToHeight
Height to which should be image resized to.
Public propertyResizeToMaxSide
Max side size to which image should be resized to.
Public propertyResizeToWidth
Width to which should be image resized to.
Public propertySourceType
Gets or sets type of the content uploaded by the control.
Public propertyStartByte
Specifies the start byte.
Public propertyTargetFileName
Name of target file.
Public propertyTargetFolderPath
Path to the target folder.
Public propertyStatic memberTempPath
Path to the temporary directory used for all uploaded files.
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