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WhereConditionBaseTParent Properties

The WhereConditionBaseTParent generic type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDisposeUsedObjects
Disposes the objects that were used as parameters for this query
Protected propertyIsImmutable
If true, this object instance is immutable, and next subsequent modification starts with a clone of the object.
(Inherited from QueryParametersBaseTParent.)
Public propertyName
Object name, empty by default
(Inherited from AbstractQueryObject.)
Public propertyParameters
Query data parameters
(Inherited from QueryParametersBaseTParent.)
Public propertyReturnsNoResults
Returns true if query doesn't return any results
Protected propertyWhereBuilder
Where condition builder
Public propertyWhereCondition
Where condition on the data, e.g. "DocumentName = 'ABC'"
Public propertyWhereIsComplex
Returns true if the given where condition contains compound conditions, e. g. "A > 1 AND B = 5"
Public propertyWhereIsEmpty
Returns true if the where condition is empty
Protected propertyWhereOperator
Operator used for adding where condition. Default is AND
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