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CMS.DocumentEngine Namespace
Public classAclInfo
AclInfo data container class.
Public classAclInfoProvider
ACL management provider.
Public classAclItemInfo
AclItemInfo data container class.
Public classAclItemInfoProvider
Class providing AclItemInfo management.
Public classAllowedChildClassInfo
AllowedChildClass data container class.
Public classAllowedChildClassInfoProvider
Class providing AllowedChildClassInfo management.
Public classAttachmentHistoryImport
Handles special actions during the Attachment history import process.
Public classAttachmentHistoryInfo
AttachmentHistory data container class.
Public classAttachmentHistoryInfoCollection
Collection of the attachments
Public classAttachmentHistoryInfoProvider
Class providing attachment history management.
Public classAttachmentImport
Handles special actions during the Attachment import process.
Public classAttachmentInfo
Attachment info data container class.
Public classAttachmentInfoCollection
Collection of the attachments
Public classAttachmentInfoProvider
Class providing attachment management.
Public classAttachmentURLProvider
URL provider for the attachments.
Public classBaseDocumentAction
Class for base document action
Public classBaseDocumentSettings
Container for shared settings used by operations with documents.
Public classBaseLogDocumentChangeSettings
Base class for log document change.
Public classCachedPageInfo
Processed page info container.
Public classCMSDataContext
Data context.
Public classCMSDataContextBaseParentType
Data context base
Public classCMSOutputAttachment
Summary description for CMSOutputFile.
Public classCMSSiteDataContext
Data context for specific site, contains only site related items
Public classCombinedTreeNodeCollection
Combined collection of documents.
Public classContentMethods
Content methods - wrapping methods for macro resolver.
Public classContentPublisher
Provides an ITask interface for the content publishing.
Public classContentTransformationFunctions
Functions for content macro methods.
Public classCopyDocumentAction
Class for document copy action
Public classCopyDocumentSettings
Container for settings used when copying document.
Public classCopyNodeDataSettings
Represents the settings for the node data copying.
Public classCSSContainer
CSS Container
Public classDeleteDocumentAction
Class for document deletion action
Public classDeleteDocumentSettings
Container for settings used when deleting document.
Public classDocumentActionContext
Document action context. Ensures context for the document actions block.
Public classDocumentAliasInfo
DocumentAliasInfo data container class.
Public classDocumentAliasInfoProvider
Class providing DocumentAliasInfo management.
Public classDocumentAttachment
Document attachment with versioning support
Public classDocumentAuthorizationEventArgs
Document authorization event arguments
Public classDocumentAuthorizationHandler
Document authorization handler
Public classDocumentCategoryInfo
DocumentCategoryInfo data container class.
Public classDocumentCategoryInfoProvider
Class providing DocumentCategoryInfo management.
Public classDocumentCategorySearchIndexer
Indexer for document category
Public classDocumentContext
Request document values
Public classDocumentDataEventArgs
Document data event arguments
Public classDocumentDataEventHandler
Document data handler enables manipulation with document data.
Public classDocumentDataQuerySource
Data query source for documents
Public classDocumentEngineModule
Represents the Document Engine module.
Public classDocumentEngineModuleMetadata
Represents the Document Engine module metadata.
Public classDocumentEventArgs
Document event arguments
Public classDocumentEvents
Document events
Public classDocumentExport
Handles special actions during the Documents export process.
Public classDocumentFactoryNodeType
Factory that provides document objects
Public classDocumentFakeMethods
Provides support for faking documents within automated tests
Public classDocumentFieldsTypeInfo
Type info for the document fields
Public classDocumentGenerator
Generator of the specific document types
Public classDocumentHandler
Document handler
Public classDocumentHelper
Class providing document management methods.
Public classDocumentHierarchyHelper
Object hierarchy manipulation methods.
Public classDocumentChangeOrderEventArgs
Document change order event arguments
Public classDocumentChangeOrderEventArgsTDocument
Document change order event arguments
Public classDocumentChangeOrderHandler
Document change order handler
Public classDocumentImport
Handles special actions during the Documents import process.
Public classDocumentImportExportEvents
Document import export events
Public classDocumentImportHandler
Import export handler
Public classDocumentMarkEventArgs
Document mark event arguments.
Public classDocumentMarkHandler
Document mark handler.
Public classDocumentPropertyAction
Class for document property set action
Public classDocumentQuery
Predefined query returning given object type. Uses the .selectdocuments query internally.
Public classDocumentQueryTDocument
Queries particular database data or defines parameters for data selection
Public classDocumentQueryBaseTQuery, TObject
Predefined query returning given document type.
Public classDocumentQueryProperties
Document specific properties for document queries
Public classDocumentRepository
Repository of the documents without workflow support.
Public classDocumentSearchEventArgs
Document search event arguments
Public classDocumentSearchHandler
Document search handler
Public classDocumentSearchIndexer
Indexer for documents
Public classDocumentSecurityEventArgs
Document security event arguments
Public classDocumentSecurityEventArgsTDocument
Document security event arguments
Public classDocumentSecurityHandler
Document security handler
Public classDocumentSecurityHelper
Helper class to check the document security
Public classDocumentsExportEventArgs
Document export event arguments
Public classDocumentsExportHandler
Document export handler
Public classDocumentsImportEventArgs
Documents import event arguments
Public classDocumentsImportHandler
Documents import handler
Public classDocumentSortEventArgs
Documents sorting event arguments
Public classDocumentSortEventArgsTDocument
Document change order event arguments
Public classDocumentSortHandler
Document change order handler
Public classDocumentSynchronizationHelper
Class containing document synchronization logic.
Public classDocumentSynchronizationWorker
Class for asynchronous document synchronization logging.
Public classDocumentTagInfo
DocumentTagInfo data container class.
Public classDocumentTagInfoProvider
Class providing document tag management.
Public classDocumentTaskType
Web farm tasks for document operations
Public classDocumentTypeAttribute
Adds action to the page.
Public classDocumentTypeHelper
Helper methods for document types
Public classDocumentTypeImport
Handles special actions during the Document type import process.
Public classDocumentTypeInfo
Specialized class for the document type info.
Public classDocumentTypeScopeClassInfo
DocumentTypeScopeClass data container class.
Public classDocumentTypeScopeClassInfoProvider
Class providing DocumentTypeScopeClass management.
Public classDocumentTypeScopeInfo
DocumentTypeScopeInfo data container class.
Public classDocumentTypeScopeInfoProvider
Class providing ScopeInfo management.
Public classDocumentTypeScopeResolvers
Resolvers used in e-mail templates and other macro visual components.
Public classDocumentURLProvider
URL provider for the documents.
Public classDocumentValidationHelper
Helper class for document validation
Public classDocumentWorkflowAction
Base document workflow action
Public classDomainNotFoundException
Domain not found exception.
Public classEmailAction
Class representing action to send e-mail
Public classFileImport
Class providing methods for file import.
Public classLinkDocumentAction
Class for document link action
Public classLogAction
Class for log action - for debug purposes
Public classLogDocumentChangeEventArgs
Log document change event arguments
Public classLogDocumentChangeHandler
Document handler
Public classLogDocumentChangeSettings
Class for log single document change.
Public classLogMultipleDocumentChangeSettings
Class for log multiple document change.
Public classMoveDocumentAction
Class for document move action
Public classMultiDocumentQuery
Multiple documents query
Public classMultiDocumentQueryBaseTQuery, TInnerQuery, TObject
Base class for multiple documents query.
Public classNewCultureDocumentSettings
Container for settings used when creating new document language version.
Public classNodeDataMethods
Wrapper class to provide document node data methods in the MacroEngine.
Public classNodeSelectionParameters
Structure to define the selection parameters for a document nodes selection
Public classNotificationEmailsAction
Class representing action to send workflow notification e-mails.
Public classPageInfo
Page data storage object
Public classPageInfoEventArgs
PageInfo event arguments
Public classPageInfoEvents
Document events
Public classPageInfoHandler
Page info handler
Public classPageInfoProvider
Provides information on the page that are necessary for its processing.
Public classPageInfoResult
Contextual data object related to the current url (returns different data for different document aliases).
Public classPageNotFoundException
Page not found exception.
Public classPageSecurityHelper
Page security methods
Public classPersonalizationInfo
PersonalizationInfo data container class.
Public classPersonalizationInfoProvider
Class providing PersonalizationInfo management.
Public classRelationshipInfo
RelationshipInfo data container class.
Public classRelationshipInfoProvider
Class providing RelationshipInfo management.
Public classSimpleDocumentImportHandler
Simple document import handler
Public classSimpleWorkflowHandler
Simple Workflow handler
Public classTemporaryAttachmentsCleaner
Provides an ITask interface for the temporary attachments deletion.
Public classTreeHelper
Static tree accessing methods.
Public classTreeNode
Represents a document
Public classTreeNodeCollection
Document collection.
Public classTreeNodeCollectionNodeType
Generic strongly typed info object collection
Public classTreeNodeCollectionMethods
TreeNodeCollection methods - wrapping methods for macro resolver.
Public classTreeNodeCollectionSettings
Collection settings for Document collection
Public classTreeNodeDataSet
Document DataSet class. Enhancement to DataSet to provide strongly typed collection side-by-side with the data.
Public classTreeNodeTypeInfo
Type info for the tree node
Public classTreePathUtils
Provides static helper methods for converting and validating paths, aliases and names.
Public classTreeProvider
Provides methods for management of the tree structure.
Public classTreeSecurityProvider
Tree provider with an additional security functionality to filter the selection results by the user permissions.
Public classUnsortedAttachmentHistoryInfoCollection
Collection of the attachments which only covers unsorted attachments
Public classUnsortedAttachmentInfoCollection
Collection of the attachments which only covers unsorted attachments
Public classUserDocumentsListInfo
Defines the listing info for user documents
Public classUserSecurityExtensions
Security extensions for users
Public classVersionAttachmentInfo
Version attachment binding info.
Public classVersionAttachmentInfoProvider
Class providing VersionAttachmentInfo management.
Public classVersionHistoryInfo
VersionHistoryInfo data container class.
Public classVersionHistoryInfoProvider
Class providing VersionHistoryInfo management.
Public classVersionManager
Class to provide node versioning management.
Public classWorkflowActionHandler
Workflow action handler
Public classWorkflowEmailSender
Class for asynchronous workflow e-mail sending.
Public classWorkflowEventArgs
Workflow event arguments
Public classWorkflowEvents
Workflow events
Public classWorkflowException
Special workflow exception.
Public classWorkflowHandler
Workflow handler
Public classWorkflowManager
Class for managing the workflow procedure.
Public classWorkflowMethods
Workflow methods - wrapping methods for macro resolver.
Public classWorkflowResolvers
Resolvers used in e-mail templates and other macro visual components.
Public classWorkflowTimer
Provides an ITask interface for the workflow timing.
Public classWorkflowTransformationFunctions
Functions for workflow macro methods.
Public enumerationAliasActionModeEnum
Document alias action mode
Public enumerationDeleteProductActionEnum
Enumeration specifying acion to be performed with SKU bound to the document being deleted.
Public enumerationDocumentOrderEnum
Document order enumeration (for new document).
Public enumerationDocumentSortEnum
Documents sort type enumeration.
Public enumerationDocumentValidationEnum
Document validation type
Public enumerationIconType
Document con type enumeration
Public enumerationNodePermissionsEnum
Node permissions enumeration.
Public enumerationPageInfoSource
Page info source.
Public enumerationPageLocationEnum
Page location enumeration.
Public enumerationPathTypeEnum
Path type enumeration.
Public enumerationRelationshipSideEnum
Relationship side enumeration.
Public enumerationTranslationStatusEnum
Translation status enumeration.