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BlogHelper Methods

The BlogHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberBlogOptInEnabled
Indicates if opt-in is enabled for blog
Public methodStatic memberGetBlogDoubleOptInInterval
Get blog double opt-in interval from settings
Public methodStatic memberGetBlogPosts
Returns DataSet with all posts from all blogs.
Public methodStatic memberGetBlogPostTrackbackUrl(Int32)
Returns Trackback URL for given post.
Public methodStatic memberGetBlogPostTrackbackUrl(Guid, String, String)
Returns trackback URL for given blog post.
Public methodStatic memberGetBlogs
Returns all blogs from specified site, optionally owned by specified user or moderated by specified user.
Public methodStatic memberGetBlogsWhere
Returns combined where condition using given ownerId, moderator name and custom where condition.
Public methodStatic memberGetCommentParentBlog
Returns parent blog of the specified comment.
Public methodStatic memberGetParentBlog(Int32, Boolean)
Returns parent blog of the specified document.
Public methodStatic memberGetParentBlog(String, String, Boolean)
Returns parent blog of the specified document.
Public methodStatic memberIsUserAuthorizedToManageComments
Checks if the current user is allowed to manage comments of the blog placed on specified node.
Public methodStatic memberIsUserBlogModerator
Determines if user is moderator of the specified blog.
Public methodStatic memberIsUserBlogOwner
Determines if user is owner of the specified blog.
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