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CMS.Blogs Namespace
Public classBlogCommentDataSource
Blog comments data source server control.
Public classBlogCommentDetail
Class with blog comment data.
Public classBlogCommentInfo
BlogCommentInfo data container class.
Public classBlogCommentInfoProvider
Class providing BlogCommentInfo management.
Public classBlogHelper
Class providing blog helper methods.
Public classBlogImport
Handles special actions during the Blog import process.
Public classBlogInfo
DocumentInfo class.
Public classBlogMethods
Blog methods - wrapping methods for macro resolver.
Public classBlogPostSubscriptionInfo
BlogPostSubscriptionInfo data container class.
Public classBlogPostSubscriptionInfoProvider
Class providing BlogPostSubscriptionInfo management.
Public classBlogProperties
Class providing blog properties.
Public classBlogResolvers
Resolvers used in e-mail templates and other macro visual components.
Public classBlogsModule
Represents the Blogs module.
Public classBlogsModuleMetadata
Represents the Blogs module metadata.
Public classBlogTransformationFunctions
Blog functions.
Public classThreadEmailSender
Handles sending message blog e-mails in separated thread.
Public classThreadTrackbackPinger
Object for asynchronous trackback pinging.
Public classTrackbackSender
Provides an ITask interface to ping trackback URLs.
Public delegateOnAfterCommentSavedEventHandler
Fired after the comment is saved.
Public delegateOnBeforeCommentSavedEventHandler
Fired before the comment is saved.
Public delegateOnCommentActionEventHandler
Fired when comment action (edit, delete, reject, approve, ..) is performed.