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General tab

General tab

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General tab

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On the General tab, you can specify the following properties of the widget:


Display name

Sets the name used in the administration interface and widget selection dialog.

Code name

Sets a name that will serve as a unique identifier for the widget.


Shows the category to which the widget belongs. You can change it here by selecting another category from the drop-down list.

Based on

Displays the name of the parent web part that the widget is derived from.


Allows you to choose one of the layouts defined for the parent web part. The selected layout will be applied to all instances of the widget across all sites. A layout may be used to modify the widget's appearance or design and even add further content into it.


If you wish to use a different layout for certain instances of the same widget, you can make a clone of the widget for this purpose and have it use the alternative layout.


For more information about web part layouts and how they can be created, please see Customizing web part layout in the Developer's Guide.


Text description that is displayed in the widget selection dialog and in widget documentation.


Graphical representation of the widget in the widget selection dialog. When a file is uploaded in the field, two icons are displayed next to it:


Edit (Edit) - if the file is an image, clicking the icon opens it in the built-in image editor. If the file is not an image (which would not make sense as no thumbnail could be displayed), the metadata editor is opened after clicking the icon.

Delete (Delete) - removes the file from the field.

Skip initial configuration

If enabled, new instances of the widget will be added directly to the page without opening the property configuration dialog. This can make the widget easier to use and helps save time, particularly in the case of widgets that are usually left with their default property values.


More resources can be found in:


Developer's Guide -> Development -> Widgets -> Overview

Developer's Guide -> Development -> Widgets -> Developing widgets