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Translate document

Translate document

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Translate document

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This dialog opens when submitting documents for translation via an external service.


If you are submitting multiple documents via the Translate mass action, a list of all documents to be translated is displayed at the top of the page. Additionally, you can specify the following options:


Skip already translated documents - if checked, documents that already exist in the target language are not submitted for translation. Disable this option to overwrite the current content of the documents with the text returned by the translation service.

Send all documents within one submission - if enabled, the system includes all listed documents in a single translation submission. Otherwise, separate submissions are created for individual documents. Only applicable when using a human translation service.


Translation service selection


Choose which translation service should be used. The available options include all services that are currently enabled and appropriately configured for the website in Site Manager -> Settings -> Content -> Translation services.


You can also enter the following details for the translation (some of the options may not be supported by the selected service):


Translate from language

If the document is already available in more than one language, you can choose which one is used as the source for the translation.

Translate attached files

If enabled, the system submits document file attachments for translation along with the main content.


Only available if attachment translation is allowed for the website. Additionally, translation functionality may be limited only to specific file types. The related settings can be configured in Site Manager -> Settings -> Content -> Translation services.


The system adds file attachments directly into the XLIFF translation source as binary data encoded in Base64 format.


Sets the priority (low, normal or high) of the translation.

Translation requested due

Specify a deadline date for the translation.

Instructions for translators

Here you can enter additional instructions for human translators.


If the translated documents do not exist in the target language, the system automatically adds the new culture versions when you submit the translation.


Machine services immediately insert the translated content into the new document version.


When using human translation services, the system initially creates the new document version as a copy of the source language. The content tree shows the Waiting for translation status icon (WaitingForTranslation_Flag) next to documents in this state. You can manage the translation through a submission ticket in CMS Desk -> Tools -> Translations. When the service completes the translation, you can process the submission to transfer the new content into the appropriate language version of the document.


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