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Link document

Link document

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Link document

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This dialog lets you create a linked document, which is a "shortcut" to an already existing document. This feature is useful if you need to include a document (product) in multiple site sections (product categories), but keep only one instance of the document.


It allows you to place a single document to multiple places in the content tree instead of creating its copies. Such a document is then displayed in the given part of the website, but when you edit it, you actually update the original document.


Choose the document that should be linked, either in the tree on the left or in the main area. You have two additional options to configure:


Link also all child documents - this option is displayed only when the selected document has some child documents stored under itself; if enabled, all child documents will be linked along with the selected document

Copy document permissions - if enabled, document-level permissions of the linked document will be identical to the original document's permissions, i.e. they will not be combined with the parent document's permissions; if disabled, the document will inherit permissions from its parent in the target location


Click Link to create the new linked document.