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New/Edit search engine

New/Edit search engine

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New/Edit search engine

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The following properties are available when creating a new search engine object or editing an existing one:


Display name

Sets the name of the search engine used in the administration and web analytics interface.

Code name

Sets a unique identifier for the search engine. You can leave the default (automatic) option to have the system generate an appropriate code name.

Domain rule

This string is used to identify whether website traffic originates from the given search engine. In order to work correctly, this string must always be present in the engine's URL, for example google. for the Google search engine.

Keyword parameter

Specifies the name of the query string parameter that the given search engine uses to store the keywords entered when a search request is submitted. This is necessary so that the system can track which search keywords visitors used to find the website.


The value of this parameter is also checked to confirm that referring links were actually generated by search results, not as part of a banner or other type of static link placed onto a page containing the domain rule in its URL.

Crawler agent

Sets the user agent that will be used to identify which web crawlers (robots) belong to this search engine. Examples of common crawler agents are Googlebot for Google, or msnbot for Bing.


This property is optional and it is recommended to specify the crawler agent only for major search engines, or those that are relevant to your website.


Additional information can be found in:


Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Web analytics -> Overview

Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Web analytics -> Monitoring traffic from search engines