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New web part

New web part

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New web part

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When creating a web part, you can use the radio buttons at the top of the page to choose if you wish to create a completely new web part or inherit from an existing one. An inherited web part works the same way as the original, but you may set different default values for its properties.


The following values can be specified:


Display name

The name of the web part displayed in the administration interface (e.g. in the web part toolbar or selection dialog).

Code name

Sets a name that serves as its unique identifier. Unless you wish to assign a specific code name, you can leave the default (automatic) option and the system will generate an appropriate one based on the display name.

File path

Specifies the relative path to the .ascx file that will be used as the source for the web part, for example: ~/CMSWebParts/AbuseReport/AbuseReport.ascx


It is recommended to organize web part source files on the file system in a way that matches the web part category structure.

Generate the code files

If you are adding a new web part that does not have a source file yet, you can enable this option and the system will generate the appropriate files at the location specified in the File path field.


This includes a standard user control .ascx file and its code behind (as well as a designer file for web application projects). The control will automatically inherit from the CMSAbstractWebPart class, but its code will otherwise be empty. It is still necessary to define the actual content and logic of the web part.

Inherit from

Allows you to select the web part from which the new one should be inherited.


This field replaces the File path if you choose the Inherit from an existing web part option. The source file of the parent web part will be used in this case.


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