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New trigger/Edit trigger

New trigger/Edit trigger

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New trigger/Edit trigger

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When creating a new trigger or editing an existing one, you can edit the following parameters:


Display name

Trigger name displayed in the administration interface.


The following types of triggers are available:


Contact created - activates the process for new contacts.

Contact changed - activates the process whenever the data of a contact is updated.

Activity performed - activates the process when an activity is performed by a contact on the website.

Score exceeded - activates the process for contacts that exceed a specified score value.


Allows you to add a macro condition that limits when exactly the trigger activates the process (based on the specified trigger Type).


Click Edit to open the macro rule designer.


Confirm by clicking Save Save.


For example, a trigger with Type set to Contact created and Condition set to Contact is female activates the process whenever a contact that has a Female gender is created.


For more information on creating triggers for automation processes, refer to On-line marketing guide -> Marketing automation -> Creating triggers.