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Issues list

Issues list

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Issues list

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Here you can see a list of issues of the currently edited newsletters. If there is a large amount of displayed newsletter issues, you can filter them by their subject using the filter above the list. New issues of template‑based newsletters can be created by using the CreateNewIssue Create new issue button.


The list contains the following types of information for every newsletter issue:


Send on - displays the date and time at which the issue was sent (or is scheduled to be sent).

Sent e-mails - displays the total amount of e-mails that were sent to subscribers containing the issue.

Opened e-mails - only available if opened e-mail tracking is enabled for the newsletter (through the Track opened e-mails property on the Configuration tab). Displays the amount of e-mails that were opened by subscribers. If greater than 0, the number can be clicked to open a dialog containing a detailed list of all subscribers who opened the e-mail.

Unsubscribed - tracks how many subscribers unsubscribed after receiving the issue.

Bounced e-mails - only available if the Monitor bounced e-mails setting is enabled for the current site (in Site Manager -> Settings -> On-line marketing -> Newsletters). Displays the amount of e-mails that were not delivered successfully (bounced) for the issue.

A/B test - indicates whether the given issue utilizes A/B testing (i.e. if there are multiple variants of the issue).

Status - displays the current sending state of the issue. The issue status can either be new (sending is not configured yet), scheduled to be sent in the future, A/B testing in progress, currently sending, or finished (successfully mailed out).


You can manage the listed issues using the appropriate action icon on the left side: edit (Edit) or delete (Delete). After clicking the ArrowBottom icon in the header of the Actions column, a context menu is displayed, offering options for export of listed data to various types of files.


If the newsletter has link tracking enabled (through the Track clicked links property on the Configuration tab) the View tracking statistics (ViewTrackingStatistics) action is also available for issues that contain hyperlinks. When clicked, this action displays a modal window with detailed clickthrough statistics for individual links contained in the issue.


More resources can be found in:


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