Kentico CMS 7.0 Developer's Guide



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When using newsletters for e-mail marketing campaigns, it is important to determine their overall effectiveness and optimize issues according to the results. This can be achieved by tracking e-mails and monitoring the reactions of recipients. Kentico CMS offers several features that provide feedback and statistics about how successful your newsletters are and which actions subscribers take when reading issues, including the following:


E-mail tracking - measures how many newsletter issues were actually opened by subscribers and the clickthrough rate of any links placed into the content of the e‑mails.

Bounced e-mail monitoring - allows you to identify and block subscribers with invalid e‑mail addresses to which newsletter issues cannot be delivered.

A/B testing - provides a way to create several different versions of each newsletter issue and evaluate them based on the e-mail tracking statistics measured for a test group of subscribers. This allows you to send the most successful variant to the remainder of the subscribers.


Please note that these features are only available if the Enable on-line marketing setting is enabled in Site Manager -> Settings -> On-line marketing.