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Layout mapping

Layout mapping

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Layout mapping

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This tab allows you to assign replacements for shared page layouts that are not suitable for displaying on the current device profile. For example, if a page uses a three‑column layout, it won't fit on a mobile phone's display. With the appropriate layout mappings, the system automatically replaces the columns with rows, which reorganizes the content of the page into a readable format on the given device.


To create or change a page layout mapping:


1. Find the source layout on the left side of the list. You can only create mappings for layouts that are configured to be convertible (i.e. have the Is convertible flag enabled in Site Manager -> Development -> Page layouts).


2. Click the question mark on the right side to create a new mapping, or click the image representing the current target layout to change the mapping. The Select a target layout dialog opens.


3. Select a target layout from the list of options. If you want to choose a layout with a different number of web part zones than the original, uncheck Show only layouts with a matching number of zones.


4. Click OK to confirm the selection.


When visitors with devices that fit the current profile view the website, all pages with the source page layout now use the target layout instead.







The system only applies the layout mappings if the Enable layout mapping setting is enabled for the website in Site Manager -> Settings -> Content -> Content management.


Device layout priority


Automatically mapped page layouts do not override custom device layouts created for individual page templates. If a page template has a custom layout for the given device profile, it always uses the custom layout, even if its default page layout is mapped to a different shared layout.



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