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Live site tab

Live site tab

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Live site tab

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Here you can see the product as it is currently displayed on the live site to website visitors.


Please note that the Live site and Preview tabs display the same content when the product is published and no further changes have been made to it since it was published.


If the product does not use workflow and its Publish from property (if available) is set to a future date and time, the Live site tab does not display any content.

If the product uses workflow and did not get to the Published step yet, no content is displayed.

If the product uses workflow, it already got to the Published workflow step and its workflow cycle has been restarted (i.e. it was switched from the Published/Archived workflow step back to the Edit step and is going through the workflow cycle again), the last published version is displayed.


Detailed information concerning workflow can be found in Developer's Guide -> Content management -> Workflow and versioning.

Further information about products can be found in E-commerce Guide -> Managing your store -> Products.