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This tab is available only if a workflow is defined for the product. Workflow is a sequence of steps that define the life cycle of the product. This allows to set up a reviewing and approval process to ensure quality of content and design. In such process, you can specify the roles that different users will play and the places in the flow where the individual users will have influence on the product.


In the initial section of the page, you can see which workflow is currently applied to the product, perform workflow actions ( Approve Publish, Archive Archive etc.) and enable sending notification e-mails. Please note that workflow notification e-mails are not sent among users who have the same e-mail address. So for example, when user1 and user2 have the same address and user1 sends a document for user2's approval, no notification e-mail is sent.


Workflow steps


This table displays all workflow steps of the current product's workflow, while the current step is highlighted.


Workflow history


This list displays the current product's workflow step history, i.e. a list of all workflow status changes made throughout the product's life cycle. With each status change, you can see its exact date and time, final workflow step, the user who performed the action and the actual type of action that was performed.





Please note


Only basic product properties that can be accessed on the General tab are subject to workflow, with the following exceptions:


e-product files (i.e. the Files property of the E-product representation)

products contained in a bundle (i.e. the Products property of the Bundle representation)

product image (i.e. the Image property shared by all product representations)


Besides, Attachments and Page settings (i.e. the Page title, Page description and Page keywords properties accessible on the Metadata tab) are also versioned. Other product properties are not subject to workflow, which means their changes are reflected immediately.



Detailed information concerning workflow can be found in Developer's Guide -> Content management -> Workflow and versioning.

Further information about products can be found in E-commerce Guide -> Managing your store -> Products.