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Messages tab

Messages tab

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Messages tab

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On this tab, you can see the list of messages in the room. The list contains messages sent by users, as well as messages generated by the system.


Messages are differentiated by their type, which is displayed in the Message type column. The following list describes the various message types:


Classic message - messages posted by users on the live site.

Whisper - private messages posted to the room. On the live site, only the user selected as recipient can see the message.

Announcement - messages sent from CMS Desk. You can add them using the AddChatMessage New announcement button.

Enter room - appears when a user joins a room.

Leave room - appears when a user leaves a room.

Change nickname - appears when a user changes her nickname.

Kick - informs that a user has been kicked from a room.

Invitation - informs that a user has invited another user into a room.

Support greeting - displayed only in support chat, appears to visitors who request support for the first time in a session.

Permanent leave room - displayed when a user leaves a private room and cancels her invitation.

Permanent kick - displays when a user is revoked access to a room.


You can perform the following actions with messages:


Edit Edit - takes you to the message editing page, which is identical to the New message form. There, you can modify the text of the message.

Delete Delete - permanently deletes the message.

Reject Reject - hides the message from live site users without deleting it.

Approve Approve - takes back the Reject action and makes the message available for all users in the room to see.