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Chat rooms

Chat rooms

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Chat rooms

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On this tab, you can create and manage chat rooms. A chat room is a place where people with common interest or background gather to talk in real time.


Using the Site drop-down list, you can switch between managing global rooms and managing site-related rooms.


You can create a new chat room by clicking AddChatRoom New chat room.


The list presents chat rooms that exist on the selected site (or global chat rooms). If you have the appropriate permission, you can click a user name in the Creator column to change the user's nickname and their properties.


The Actions column provides the following actions:


Edit Edit - opens the room editing page, where you can adjust room properties and manage users that are joined in the room, as well as messages posted in the room.

Reject Disable - renders a room unavailable to the live site users and disallows them to send any messages to the room.

Approve Enable - re-enables a disabled room.

Delete Delete - Schedules a room for deletion. Rooms are not deleted immediately, but rather disabled and flagged as scheduled to deletion. A scheduled task will delete the room after a certain amount of time. Nevertheless, the room won't be accessible by any user.


After clicking the ArrowBottom icon in the header of the Actions column, you can choose from the options to export the listed data to various types of files.